Which is better ?

Job v/s Business!

Job v/s Business!

Let's solve one of the most confusing questions….what is better, a job or a Business?

In Business, you are your boss while in a job you have to work according to others.

The unlimited earning potential in business while in a job, it is limited.

You get flexible working hours in business but not in the job.

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Wait, wait, wait…

In the job you get a stable income which is not possible in business.

You do not need to worry about macroeconomic factors like inflation, deflation, etc. in the job but in business, you have to worry about these factors.

You get on-the-job training in a job, but not in the business.

You get motivating rewards on the job, but in business, you have only one way to keep yourself motivated, and that is profit.

So, both job and Business have positives and negatives, decide the correct path based on the lifestyle you want.

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