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Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By accessing this service you are accepting all the terms and conditions of this website and you are bound to follow all the rules and regulations which are given here. In case of Non- Compliance with these rules and regulations you can suffer legal damages. So if you agree with all the terms and conditions which are listed below kindly also follow those terms and conditions.


After getting register on our website you will become an account member of this website and you are bound  and agree to follow all the rules and regulations which are as follows regarding registration:

  • Agree to receive all Mails and SMS which are used for communications.
  • That you have entered all the details correctly and original and no facts remain to conceal or hide.
  • That you are agreeing to receive all the promotional emails.
  • That if you give false information in the signup section then we have all the rights to terminate your user account either temporarily or permanently.
  • That you have no issue to remain in contact with us.
  • That you will make compliance of all these rules with your full heart.

Intellectual Property Rights

This website and all the contents of this website  ( Functions, software, features, text, images, audios, videos, displays, and arrangements thereof) are owned by me and, its licensor and all those who provide the material under intellectual property law or proprietary rights law.

These terms and conditions grant you a personal, non-transferable, and revocable license to get access to and use the material of this website. You have access to material of this website for your own personal use but you can’t access that for commercial use. You also don’t have the right to change copy or modify the content of this website for publicly display, publicly perform, and republish the content. For this you agree and bound by the following terms and conditions:

You May Not

  • Modify or change the copies of the material provided here.
  • Utilize any example, content, image, text, audio, video, and displays which are given here.
  • Delete or change any copyright, trademark, or other material of this site that comes under the intellectual property right or proprietary rights.


In case of Non- compliance with these terms and conditions we will have the right to terminate your account permanently or temporarily.

Material Restrictions

In this website, all the content or material which is not according to the policy of this website is completely prohibited and restrain to publication or upload. In case of violation, the respective account will be banned or terminated permanently.

Content Disclaimer

At this website, we are not responsible for any false, wrong, misleading, and violent error against the law content posted by users, visitors, and linked parties.

On this website, we will provide you the remarkable and unique content and assure you of complete satisfaction.

This website is not liable for any claim or any loss directly or indirectly.

We are not responsible for any quality, guarantee, and accuracy of the content, products, and services.

Advertising and Endorsements

This website may present the advertisement and endorsements by link or third party but we are not responsible for the availability of those third parties ads, images. Messages or other materials contained in it.

This website is also not responsible for ads and endorsements of any affiliates and also not responsible for any loss or damages incurred as a result of participation with these third party ads including all the services even any goods, products, or services offered by any Third-party Ads.

Use of this website

After accepting all the terms and conditions you are allowed to use this website anywhere but within the four corners of law ( intellectually property right and proprietary right) you are also bound to follow some of the other rules which are as follow:

  • You are not allowed to violate any other statutory law or any international law.
  • You are not allowed to violate any ordinance passed under any law.
  • You are not allowed to modify, damage, download, publish, copy, and reproduce any content from our website.
  • Modify, post, Host, upload any content and material regarding gender discrimination.
  • Be humble and respect others.
  • You are not allowed to use this website through any unauthorized access.
  • You are not allowed to publish, share, post, host any material which illegal and prohibited by law.
  • In case of Non- Compliance with any of the rules mentioned above your account will terminate permanently and we have all the authority to do this.

This site does not provide any medical advice

The content of this site such as texts, images, audios, graphics, and other material is for informational purposes only. Any content to this website is not intended to provide medical advice or any substitute for medical advice.

Eligibility, Suspension, or Termination

Membership is not an absolute right. It is a benefit for community members who follow our rules and regulations. We hope that you are with us for the long term. But if any of the users found guilty of violating the rules will suffer legal injury and also the account of the user who will breach the rules and regulations will suspend permanently.

Link with other websites

This website also contained the links of another website so we are not responsible for the terms and conditions of the linked websites.

We highly recommend all the users and visitors to read all the terms and conditions of those websites carefully. Privacy policies and terms & Conditions of this website apply to this website only. We are responsible for our own policies and terms and conditions, not there. In case of any problem regarding linked websites, we are not responsible for that.

If you are connecting with any of the linked websites we are not responsible for the following:

  • Damages you suffer.
  • Virus, harms, and errors.
  • Any technical issue.
  • Any illegal material.
  • Quality content or material.
  • Their terms and privacy practices.

Modifications/Notice to Changes

We can revise these terms and conditions from time to time according to :

  • Changing in law.
  • Any new regulatory requirements.
  • Improvement for our services.

If you suffer any issue due to changing of any terms and conditions you can contact with us and tell us via Email which we are giving below.

Question and Answers

If you have any questions regarding the agreement ( terms and conditions) you can ask us through the Email address which we have given below.


After accepting all the terms and conditions and privacy policies you are agreeing to indemnify our harmless website, partners, representatives, and affiliate from any direct, indirect, and special damages resulting from it.

  • Your unauthorized access to this website.
  • Any unlawful situation arises from you.
  • Any other matter related to our services.

For any further queries and related information feel free to contact us via mail.

Email: contact@edubeginner.com


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