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Essay Teachers Day

Teachers Day

Introduction of Teachers Day 

Teachers Day Essay 2021 for Student. Here we describe a festival in an essay format name is Teachers Day Essay for Students. Teachers day is celebrated on 5th September in India but globally it is celebrated on the 5th of October. The reasons for the changing dates of the teacher’s day celebrations in India are significant contributions of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was an educator at heart. He was the first vice president of India and the second president of India.

Teacher’s day celebrations in India is honoured to Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan due to his great works as an educator from the heart for the children of India. For the first time teacher’s day was celebrated in the year 1962 this was the year when his name was announced as the second president of India and he started to serve the country. Students become very enthusiastic to celebrate teacher’s day and to honour their favourite teachers. On this day students give presents to teachers which were deliberated towards their hard work throughout the year.

Being a teacher it is their duty to serve students and concern their education as a major priority. On this day students show their love for their responsible teacher who guides them throughout the year and makes them perform well in their fields of education. This day is celebrated in schools, colleges, dance classes, karate classes, singing classes and in such other institutions where kids go for learning purpose. Many students organise celebrations for their home tutors and gift them some presents for working hard with the students throughout the year.

History Of Teacher’s Day

1888 was the year when Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on the 5th of September. His hard work and dedication towards education chanced him to join the schools in Tirumala and Vellore. He was very famous as a teacher among his students for his teaching skills, loving caring nature and for the examples, he uses to give to his students to explain them in a better way. He always believed in the fact that a teacher is a true friend and guide for students who introduce them to the various things happening and going to happen in their lives or the things kids are going to face.

The book was written by him “political thinkers of modern India” shows the importance of teachers in a democratic country like India and contributions of teachers in shaping the future of kids as well as the respective country. The contribution of a teacher in any student’s life is enormous and should not be negotiated. Considering all the love, support and guidance given by their favourite teacher Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan all of their students and some of his friends decided to celebrate his birthday as “Radhakrishnan” or we can say that all of them tried to celebrate his birthday lavishly. When Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan came to know about all this he insisted that it would be an honour for him if his birthday was beginning to observe as the national teacher’s day in India and all the teacher’s would be respected on this day.

After this incident, his birthday was beginning to observe as the national Teacher’s Day. If we come to talk about the world teacher’s day then it is celebrated on the 5th of October every year and it is started in the year 1994. The ritual is started by UNESCO to keep them motivated and to honour their hard work and accomplishment. Every country has its own dates for teacher’s day celebrations according to their countries legends in the field of education. Their style of celebrating and dates may vary from country to country.

Celebrations of Teachers Day

Teachers Day Essay, When it comes to celebrations India is the country which loves to celebrate every festival or memorable days in the way of diversity. Teacher’s day celebrations are mainly done in schools, colleges and many other educational institutions. On this day teachers, desks became full of roses, chocolates and handmade cards. Students plan the celebrations, funds for this celebration was mainly given by students and management was also done by them.

Their preparations include decorations, gifts for teachers, in schools colleges students arrange a feast for their teachers and cake cutting ceremony also done in some educational fields for teachers. Mainly in every schools and college, one day rest for teachers are provided by the students or the authorities for the encouragement of teachers and their honour.

On this day teachers are invited as the chief guest for the entertainment purpose functions organised and funded by the students of their respective educational fields. In this entertainment function students perform for teacher’s entertainment by whatever they want to perform and they can perform. Some games for teachers are also managed by students for the relaxation and fun of teachers.


Teachers Day Essay, Teacher’s day is the best way to honour our respectful teachers who accomplishes us throughout the year with their great guidance. It is our duty to honour those professional people who make great contributions in shaping our lives and our teachers are one of them. A teacher shapes our countries young minds and helps them to become whatever they want with their proper guidance and lessons. Being a part of the education society of our country teachers perform their duty of educating children.

A teacher stands as a role model for those students who are interested in literacy and set examples for them with their own personality and development. Dr Radhakrishnan had also done the same thing by achieving a Bharat Ratna award in 1954 which was the highest civilization award in India at that time. Afterwards, he joined the British Royal Order of Merit in 1963 as a member. He first became the vice president and then finally became the second president of India in the year 1962. We celebrate this day to commemorate his birthday and to privilege the hard work of every teacher present in our education society.

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