Courses List After Class 10th

Courses List After Class 10th

Stream-Wise List of Courses After Class 10th

When the student passes the class 10th ten there are many opportunities in front of the student like a student can continue his education or can take a diploma course so that he can make his carer in that field. In India, there are many private and Government institutes that offer many certificates and diploma courses for students. These diploma or certificate courses can be completed in 6 months to 3 years. Polytechnic and ITI are the first choices of the student which are the government Institutes and the student needs to give the exam for this course. After passing the entrance exam candidate can take admitted to the polytechnic institute and can choose their interest course. Here we are mentioning the many courses which can be done after passing of class 10th and you can make your career in this field after completing these courses. 

Certainly! Here’s an updated list of Courses List After Class 10th with the duration of each course:

Diploma Courses:

Certificate Courses:

Vocational Courses:

Skill Development Courses:

Creative Arts Courses:

Sports and Fitness Courses:

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