Good Friday

Good Friday


Christian believers observe Good Friday as a day of remembrance for Jesus Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection. On the Friday before Easter Sunday, when Christians believe that Jesus was killed and then raised from the dead, it is observed. For many Christians, Good Friday is a day of fasting and repentance as well as one of shock and grief, and contemplation of Jesus’ suffering.

On Good Friday, some churches hold special offerings in which the Passion story is read or acted out. Some people also observe the day by donning black, paying respects to loved ones’ graves, or engaging in other acts of devotion. In the Christian calendar, GF is a significant holiday that is celebrated by a large number of people all over the world.

Good Friday is a day of reflection on the atoning death of Jesus Christ and a reminder that it was essential for him to die in the first place due to the sins of all people. Additionally, it is a day of thanksgiving for the supreme sacrifice he made.

When is Good Friday observed?

The Friday before Easter Sunday is known as “Good Friday.” The date of Easter Sunday changes yearly because it is a moveable feast. Easter Sunday falls on March 21, the first Sunday following the full moon that happens on or after the celestial equator, which is ascertained by the lunar and solar cycles. Because of this, the Gregorian calendar’s GF dates fluctuate every year and can fall between March 21 and April 25. For a specific year’s GF date, check online or with your neighbourhood Christian community.

Why Do We Celebrate Good Friday?

Christians observe Good Friday to commemorate the suffering, death, and passion of Jesus Christ. According to popular belief, Jesus was crucified on a Friday and died to atone for all of humankind’s sins. Christians observe a day of reflection and mourning on Good Friday to honour the surrender that Jesus made on their behalf.

Many Christians think that by conquering death and rising from the dead, Jesus made it feasible for individuals to experience eternal life. Good Friday serves as a reminder of Jesus’ profound love for all people and the hope that his dying and resurrection bestow. Christians should take this opportunity to reflect on the supreme sacrifice Jesus made for them and to express gratitude for the forgiveness and salvation he provides.


Easter, which commemorates the resurrection of Christ, the blessing upon which the Christian faith was built, is actually the most significant Christian holiday. Easter, though, is not a singular occurrence. The majority of Christian churches also observe various occasions leading up to Easter.

Christian Easter is now observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox. This indicates that while Easter’s date and its associated activities change annually, they do not affect one another. Good Friday, which is observed the Friday before Easter Sunday and memorializes the day that Christ was crucified, is among the most significant of the events that came before.

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