Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering

Introduction of Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering, Here we discuss Marine Engineering. The marine engineering profession has its own charm. In this engineering, it has the convenience of traveling in the country and abroad for free. As compared to other branches of engineering it has an attractive salary and a perfect life. This is the reason that many youths are coming to this area. Especially those youth, who want to earn good money in a short time, want to establish their career as soon as possible.

By the way, this profession is quite challenging along with the facilities. The Marine Engineer has a large responsibility for the construction, maintenance, and installation of ships. These days, ships are also equipped with modern technology and equipment, which requires Marine Engineers to handle. The Chief Marine Engineer is in charge of the ship and its cargo. The demand for Marine Engineers in public and private shipping companies is increasing rapidly due to increasing international maritime traffic.

How to Become a Marine Engineer?

Marine engineer work is quite challenging. Maintenance, construction installation is the responsibility of ships on the shoulders of Marine Engineer. If you are interested in Marine Engineering, then this sector can be a better option for your career. These days there are many career possibilities in Marine Engineering. If you also want to get into the field of Marine Engineer, then, first of all, you do a course in Marine Engineering. After this, career doors will open for you in this sector

These days, Marine Engineering is the preferred career option for many young people. Most of the students are looking for a career in this field. For this course, you should have passed 12th from the PCM subject. For this, you can enter this field by taking B. Tech in Marine Engineering or BSc in Nautical Science course. The duration of the B.Tech Marine Engineering course is 4 years. B.Sc Nautical Science is a 3-year course. Most of the admission to these courses is through the entrance examination.

Major Syllabus 

  • Electricals
  • Electronics
  • Computer science ( c language and sm extended practicals )
  • Engineering drawing
  • English ( Oxford English book )
  • Sociology
  • Strength of material
  • Engineering mechanics
  • Mathematics
  • Seamanship ( dealing with ship knowledge
  • Thermodynamics
  • IC engine and boilers

Best Institute for Marine Engineering Course

  • Indian Maritime University, Mumbai
  • International Maritime Institute, Delhi
  • Kochi University of Science and Technology
  • Marine Engineering Research Institute, Kolkata
  • Indian Maritime University, Chennai
  • Indian Institute of Port Management, Kolkata
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  • Wells Academy of Maritime Studies, Chennai
  • Tolani Maritime Institute, Mumbai
  • International Maritime Academy, Chennai
  • Coimbatore Marine College
  • Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, Mumbai

Where to Find Jobs?

In the field of maintenance of seaplanes, ship engines, shipyards, merchant navy, cargo ships, in the field of shipbuilding, there are immense possibilities for jobs. There is a lot of progress in this field according to its merit.

The Challenges in Marine Engineering

The bitter truth of this profession is that Marine Engineers have to stay away from their families for months. Sometimes they stay outside the house for more than six months. Marine engineers generally complain that they are unable to give time to their family. Particularly married people face difficulties in maintaining a balance between work and family.

Your family must be supportive. Since marine engineers have work related to ships, they remain onboard at all times. Although the duration of the work of engineers is only eight hours, they also have to work shift-wise on many occasions.

Salary Structure 

Salary                     ₹147k – ₹2m
Bonus                     ₹2k – ₹503k
Profit-Sharing        ₹1k – ₹248k
Total Pay.               ₹197k – ₹3m

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