Mothers Day Essay

Essay Mothers Day

Mothers Day Essay

Mothers Day Introduction

Mothers Day Essay, It seems very difficult to define the love of a mother for their children and her sacrifices for the family. The most powerful form of a woman is a mother. No matter what the situation is she keeps on working 365 days of the year just to keep us safe, secure, and healthy. Every mother on this Earth is the strongest, compassionate, faithful, and protector of the family and children. She can almost fight with anything to protect us from the damage. To honor all the mothers of this earth the second Sunday of the month, may is celebrated as Mothers Day Essay. Despite being a traditional festival it is observed by more than 40 countries in this world. It is mainly celebrated in March and May all over the world which mostly falls on Sundays. The days of celebration may vary from country to country.

Mothers Day Essay is completely dedicated to all the mothers from the world. Mother is a creator who brings their child into this world and protects her from every danger. It doesn’t matter that the mother is a human being or an animal, almost every mother has the same perspective and consciousness about their children and family. As the mothers work every day of the year without having any break she can be defined as a wonderful employee or we can say God resides in her. Mother looks after the needs of their family and children along with the daily hassled work routine, in addition to all this, she also gives us unconditional love without asking for anything. She is the first teacher for their child and can always just the right path to their children. The sacrifices then I am mother countess and no child can ever repay the loan of mother’s love. So to appreciate her this day is celebrated with a lot of wonderful activities all over the world along with social media.

Celebrations on Mothers Day Essay 

On this day children make greeting cards and decorate their homes for their mother. They also help their mother in household works to remind her that she is so much special for them and they really care about what and how she to everything for their children throughout the year. Many children bring or make cakes with their own hands for their mother to celebrate mother’s day. Mothers of the house cut these cakes with lots of joy and happiness. children write down quotes or poems for their mother on the greeting cards which they decorated with their own hands. Every child must bring a gift for their mother to appreciate her love and sacrifices for their family and children. Many children offer a one-day leave to their mother from the household works by involving themselves in those works. Children click photos with their mother and nowadays also post these photos on their social media handles or accounts to share and celebrate this day with every person along with everyone’s mother. Many children also dedicate songs for their mothers on this special day with the help of radio stations of their locality. Many different types of games being announced by different types of social media, radio stations, and on televisions. Many organizations and groups of people celebrate mother’s day by throwing parties for the mothers of their society and sometimes also for their own mother.

Many children give flowers to their mothers to make them smile and bloom like an original flower all the year. People praise motherhood and motherly love with all their hearts on this day. People prepare gifts not only for their own mother but also for the women who are equal to their mothers. Christians take their mothers to the church on this day to visit God. On this day mothers from every caste, creed and religion are praised and the children spend the whole day with their mother to make this day special for the lovely mothers. Many people also throw surprise parties for their mothers to make them feel out of this world. On this day children pamper their mothers by providing her breakfast on the bed, taking care of her things, polishing their mother’s shoes, by doing other household works for her. There are numerous ways by which children can make their Mothers happy, joyful, and tension-free on this day.


We should never forget about the hardship mothers do all day to fulfill our needs. Mothers take care of our studies, clothes, food, health, and everything. Mother is a director of their child’s life. Behind every successful person, there is continuous support, and the efforts of a mother are hidden. We should never disrespect and annoy our mother for any reason. The children having mothers are really lucky because mothers act like the shady trees in the hot summer season. A mother can go to any extent to protect and support their child. Mothers are the strongest warriors when it comes to their child future and present. A mother’s love is selfless, unconditional, and unique from all of this world. We should equally care about our mother’s feelings and emotions as she does.

A mother can save up their child’s life no matter what cost she had to pay for it. She can sacrifice her own life just to protect their children’s life without a second thought in her mind. No human being can take the place of a mother in anyone’s life. Our mothers are the real-life Angels created by God for us. No one can replace the love and care provided by a mother to their child. This day is really appreciable and honorable for celebrating the power and glory of motherhood throughout the world. Mothers’ love is nearest and the rarest one. We should be thankful to God for giving us such beauties in our life in the form of our lovely and adorable mothers. The good and convenient opportunity is mother’s day for every child who loves their mother in return equally. No matter what happens she loves to stay by our side.

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