My Country Essay

My Country Essay

Essay on My Country India, India is my country and I am a proud Indian citizen. My country India is located on the Asian continent. My country India is the second most populated country in the whole world because the first is China. India is a country under progression, it is developing day by day in becoming even better. Though there are many countries in this whole world I can proudly say that my country comes under the list of the best countries in the world. As an Indian citizen, I have had a strong affection for my country since my childhood.

The cultural heritage of our country is unique from the rest of the world. My motherly love for this country has increased as I grew up and come to know more about my country with the increasing scale of my age. My country welcomes everyone as their guest and believes that guests are equal to God. Such a divine environment of my country attracts many foreigners from different parts of the world every year. My country accepts every foreign citizen and gives respect equal to it gives to its own citizens and sometimes even more. 

Unique Qualities of My Country

My country is very much unique in terms of its

  • Cultural heritage
  • Geographical features
  • Politics
  • Gesture
  • Simplicity
  • Agriculture and vegetation
  • Unity in diversity
  • Religious believes
  • Population
  • Development
  • Architectural status
  • Climatic conditions
  • Surrounding environment
  • Wildlife
  • Water bodies

There are many more features are also present here. Today people from all over the world are accepting our culture and appreciating the simplicity in our culture. People from all over the world come here to roam around and to visit this unique country which is known as India. The wildlife and water bodies present here decorates this country with some of the rare gifts of nature. 

With the increasing population of India, the development and economic growth rate of the country is also developing. India is becoming more powerful day by day and serving great competition in front of the enemies of this country. The people who once come here do not want to go again on leave this place because something mysterious is hiding in the beauty of this country and the people present here.

Unique Geographical Features of My Country

The greater Himalayas present in India is playing a major role to put seven stars in the beauty of this country. It is a mountain range having four layers of mountains. It is present in southeast Asia which is a part of India. The greater Himalayas is a place where we can find rare species of animals and main different types of trees and lots of snow and glaciers are present at the top of the Himalayas. The beauty of the great Himalayas is very hard to describe. Apart from its beauty it also serves as the northern border of the subcontinent of India. 

Despite the greater Himalayan range, there are also some reverse valleys and different kinds of geographical areas present which are beautiful and different in every aspect from the rest of the world. 

  • The Indian desert
  • The northern plains
  • The peninsular plateau
  • The coastal plains
  • Rivers like Ganga, Indus, Brahmaputra, Godavari and Yamuna
  • The Islands

And many other beautiful landscapes, geographical features, and beautiful forests are having their place in India. 

Legends Born in My Country

Many legendary peoples were born in India and contributed to the growth and development of all over the world. Some of them are 

  • William Thackeray
  • Julie Christie
  • Colin Cowdrey
  • Vivien Leigh
  • Rudyard Kipling
  • Sir Cliff Richard

Many legendary freedom fighters were born here in India with a great courageous heart. They together worked in unity and made impossible things possible. Every year India is contributing many great academic degree holder students to the world. Students who were born and brought up in India studied with the Indian system and gone abroad to do discoveries and for the job, reasons are a major part of the contributions from India. 

Unity in Diversity in My Country Essay

My Country Essay, We know that India is a country where people from various caste creates and religions live together with their own cultural and religious beliefs. They live in our country with their democratic rights. They live with full freedom. Total 22 languages are spoken in India based on its diversity in the culture of several peoples. There are 6 religious presents in India and living together in one place and respecting each other’s community and religious beliefs.

People from different backgrounds speak different nature of languages and celebrate their own culture together. Just because of this diversity, there is a variety of dishes present found in India. the diversity in religion is not viewed as a point of conflict in India despite all these people enjoy each other’s culture dresses food and many more things and leave their life to the fullest. 

Conclusion of My Country Essay

We should love our country as much as we can and we should always be ready to sacrifice and do anything for our country. We should never compromise the pride and prestige of our country. We should not destroy the natural beauty of our cultural and geographical heritage which is rare and miraculous in every aspect. We should be proud to be Indian citizens of such a diverse and United country. Our country is our motherland and we should work hard to increase its value in the future.

Is our duty to make sure that our country stood first in every field of the world. I have endless love and affection for my country which is uncountable. Here people live a simple life but an outstanding life in a loving way. Today the Spark of our culture is lighting the world. People all over the world are saluting our country India. We should never do anything wrong or illegal because the name of our country is linked with our names. Our country is our motherland and we should be careful and sensitive about the prestigious morals and values followed and stated by our country.

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