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Essay New Year

New Year

Introduction of a New Day 

All people are eagerly waiting for the new year to come, we all celebrate this new day with a new zeal and enthusiasm. On New day, everyone goes to a party with their family and friends, goes for a walk. On every New Year people from all over the world got the chance to start something different in life.

On the New Day, we all welcome the year with great expectations and enthusiasm some people organize the new year’s with eve party to celebrate and for making a good welcome. On the New Day most people schedule their work various government authorities use to make various important assignments for their work schools, college and universities use to make an academic season. Most of the people try to keep following their resolution rest of them failed to maintain.

History of New Year Celebration

There is an interesting history behind the start of the new year. The New Day first began to be believed about 4000 years ago from a place called Babylonia. In the New Year, the Roman dictator Julius Caesar built a calendar to extend his name, which had 375 days of the year, and the calendar was named Julian calendar. The last day in this calendar was 31st December and the next day was 1st January since then we celebrate New Day on 1st January.

According to history, the first Jewish calendar was composed in 3500 BC. It was a solar calendar that was built with both sun and moon as its base. The whole year was 12 or 13 months, that is, some years were 12 months and some were 13 months. To understand the stars, constellations, planets, etc. Indian astronomers created a calendar (Vikram Sawant).


New Year’s first day is a special day for people all over the world. All the people from all countries celebrate New Day with their own fun and cheering lives. It all started from a Roman Calendar according to which 1st march was the New Year because the calendar consists of only ten months when the Gregorian calendar came into use there were 12 months in every year and January 1st was designed as New Year which later on becomes widely accepted. On New Day people use to take new resolutions and use to take new decisions for the whole year. We should make our willpower very strong so that we can achieve any success in life and we do not get failed in keeping our new year resolutions as well.

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