Pollution Essay

Pollution Essay


Pollution has become a serious problem, it is not just in our country, but it is an international problem, which has caught all the living organisms and other inanimate substances on the earth, and its side effects are visible all around. It literally means deteriorating the balance of nature, becoming contaminated for the essentials of life, not getting clean water, and creating a polluted environment.

Varieties of Pollution

A number of the most vital kinds of pollution:

Air Pollution

Air pollutants are taken under consideration as the utmost dangerous thing. the foremost reason for this is that the smoke emanating from industries and vehicles, smoke emanating from these sources is harmful to the smoke emanating from these vehicles, it also hinders the mother-in-law, mother-in-law, and industries. there’s plenty of pollution with the growing number of vehicles day by day. Has increased leading to many health problems related to bronchitis and lungs.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is additionally a significant issue directly affecting marine life. because of the particular fact, they depend best on the nutrients found in water to still exist, the sluggish disappearance of marine life will actually affect the livelihoods of humans and animals. the foremost sources of harmful waste from factories, industries, sewage systems, etc., like rivers, lakes, and oceans, are diverted to the foremost sources of water, which contaminates the water, and beverage causes various water-borne diseases.

Noise Pollution 

This is one of the major things which increasing rapidly in the environment. If we do not stop this pollution then this will take place in all over the world environment. This pollution increase by using things on high volume sound. Whenever someone plays sound at a high volume then this pollution increase in the environment. Example: Horn, DJ, Speakers, etc.

Soil Pollution

This is due to the excessive use of pesticides and other chemicals, which contaminates the crop growing on the soil. And when consumed, it can cause serious health hazards.

Land Pollution

This is one of the three major sorts of pollution affecting the human population. Soil pollution occurs when the soil is contaminated with fertilizers or chemicals. spring water can cause pollution in spring water.

Light Pollution

Have you ever noticed that in a city with such a lot of light, it’s impossible to ascertain stars and galaxies? the utilization of electric lights to illuminate the sky causes light pollution. Although lights are great to assist us to see in the dark, many lights block the night sky thanks to light pollution. moderate this also can be harmful to animals. for instance, the lighting of huge cities can confuse migratory birds.

Thermal Pollution

While most sorts of pollution are direct, this is slightly harder. Sometimes nuclear plants, waste plants, and factories use it to chill the water. However, if they release warm water heaters into the atmosphere, it can wreak havoc on fish and wildlife because it lacks oxygen. this is often called pollution.

Pollutions Effects

These things affect people and therefore the environment in various ways. These are the foremost recognized side effects of this.

  • People with high levels of sound experience hearing problems, high vital signs, sleep problems, and other issues.
  • Thanks to high levels of pollution, increasing heating will worsen the ozonosphere. additionally, respiratory problems are increasing in humans.
  • Many species of animals and birds are on the verge of extinction, like the sparrow, which is nearly extinct.
  • Insecticides utilized in plants are growing the prospect of cancer and different risky illnesses. the soil is weakening thanks to the continual boom in soil pollutants.

Pollution Prevention Measures

To prevent this thing, we should plant trees in large quantities. Where trees are being cut indiscriminately. We should stop there. To reduce polluted water more attention has to be given to cleanliness. Noise pollution is mostly done by humans, so if we stop playing the horn ourselves and take regular care of the machines, there will be no noise. Instead of chemical fertilizer, agriculture, organic manure, green manure, cow dung, etc. should be used Check the steps below that can help reduce pollutants:

  • CPCB board is officially working to control these things in the environment.
  • Reduce the utilization of non-biodegradable substances, characterized by their ability to regenerate themselves by reducing substances found naturally within the environment.
  • To scale back and save species, it’s necessary to plant more trees. Trees help purify the air by adding more oxygen to the atmosphere.
  • Low chemical use with advances in technology, many chemicals are wont to improve the assembly of food and beverages. People should prepare food without the utilization of pesticides
  • The continuous population decline is the main explanation for the increasing of the population. People should follow the policy.
  • Recycling is additionally really effective and efficient thanks to reducing this. This helps limit the utilization of non-biodegradable products.


This is becoming a major problem, which is pushing this group of God-like nature into the destruction of human life, if its prevention and control are ignored, then this problem poses a major threat to human life and beings. Will appear in the form. Therefore, due to which our coming generation will be craving many things of pure food, air, water, etc., we have to take steps towards environmental protection and we must spread awareness about controlling this thing information. As long as the people of our country are fully aware then it is not possible to reduce any kind of pollution.

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