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Raksha Bandhan


The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to honour the love and bond between a brother and sister. It is a Hindu religious festival. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the day( tithi ) of Purnima which is referred to as full moon day in the month of Shravan according to the Hindu calendar. This festival energizes and regulates the love between brothers and sisters of the country. The bonding between a brother and a sister is in reality exceptional and it cannot be expressed in words. The relationship between siblings is incredible. when it comes to India, to celebrate such an appreciative able, and lovely bond which is considered an important relation worldwide.

The relationship will grow to be all the extra essential as there is a pageant referred to as “Raksha Bandhan” dedicated to sibling love. take the pledge to protect their sisters from every kind of disobedience and miss happenings whereas sisters tie a bracelet like a string with beautiful designs in it known as Raksha sutra or Rakhi on the right hand of their beloved brothers with love and belief that the string would act as a protector for their brothers throughout the life.

Why Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated?

The festival of brothers and sisters called Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to appreciate and reawaken the bond of love between brothers and sisters. On this day sisters tie Rakhi in the right hands of brothers to appreciate their love as well as to protect them from different kinds of evil consequences. Sisters pray for brothers’ extended life span and happiness. Whereas brothers do promise to their sisters in return to protect them from any kind of miss happening. The term “Raksha” and “ Bandhan” are referred to as a knot of protection, which is truly signified by the rituals of this festival. It is additionally believed that once upon a time Lord Krishna harmed his finger when he was flying a kite, Draupadi thoroughly rushed to him and tore a piece of her saree and bandaged his finger with it. Lord Krishna was influenced and overwhelmed by the heart-touching aid of this gesture, so he promised to shield Draupadi and saved his promise at some point during the ‘cheer haran’ of Draupadi happening during Mahabharata.

History of Raksha Bandhan

If we talk about the history of the Raksha Bandhan festival then it may be linked to many mythological and ancient stories. many people relate this festival with the mythological story of Krishna that when he was flying a kite he accidentally cut his wrist which started to bleed and as soon as it was noticed by Draupadi she came rushing to him and turned a corner of a saree and tied a knot in he is reached on the wound to protect Krishna’s hand from bleeding which was later observed as Rakhi for the protection. In return for this heart-touching gesture performed by Draupadi Krishna promised Draupadi that he will protect her and he also kept his word. There is one more story that is very much popular among Indians and links to the Mughal period of India. In the Mughal period, there was a widowed Queen of Chittor Garh named Karnavati.

When she and her state was about to attack by Bahadur Sher Shah of Gujarat then she felt the need of seeking help from someone. Finally, she decided to send a Rakhi to the Mughal emperor Humayun and asked for help to protect them. By keeping the respect of the thread of Rakhi sent by the empress of Chittor Garh Humayun king with his army and protected the empress and her state from Bahadur she shah of Gujarat. According to Hindu mythology. It is also believed that once Yamuna- the river tied the Rakhi to the hand of Yamraj who is referred to as the god of death in Hindu mythology and wished for his long life because they both were brother and sister. No one exactly knows the tendencies of the stories to be true, but whatever it is nowadays this festival is one of the most popular festivals in India. Different people have different leaves according to their different religious roots. Some are connected with the Mughal period and some with the mythological period. So many variations and newness have been involved in this festival from time to time. 

How Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated in India?

Being a festival of brothers and sisters it is not bounded by any rules that we have to celebrate this festival only with our own blood-related brothers and sisters. Every year on this day many people celebrate this festival with the brothers and sisters of another mother. They must not be their own brothers and sisters but they still love their brothers and sisters and ought to protect them from every evil impact of society. The last day of Shravan month is Purnima – the tithi on which Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year. On the day of Purnima tithi brothers, and sisters wake up early in the morning take a bath wear new clothes worship God, and then sit for the Rakhi festival together. Sisters arrange beautiful rakhis to tie on the hands of their beloved brothers.

Sisters decorate a plate with Rakhi for their brothers’ Flowers, Diya, Sweets,  Tilak, etc., and then they start the rituals of this festival. Sisters apply Tilak on their brother’s forehead and tie a beautiful Rakhi on their brother’s hand. After that sisters give delicious sweets to their brothers’ mouths to eat. At last, brothers have to gift something to their sisters as a part of the ritual. most of the brothers in India give money to their sisters to buy whatever they want and some others also purchase some beautiful gifts like dresses, jewellery, makeup, handbags, etc., for their beautiful and loving sisters. Sisters don’t eat anything until they tie a Rakhi on their brother’s hand in this day and brothers also do the same.

Significance of the Festival

Festivals are designed to beautify the spirits of relationships and it holds real for any Indian festival. Each occasion brings the household jointly which calls for a celebration. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of brothers and sisters’ relationships. This relationship is prioritized at first all over the area so celebrated in India with High appreciation. Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the bond of affection between brothers and sisters which can’t be expressed in words. It is a day when siblings pray for each other’s properly-being and ask for each others’ happiness, goodwill, and long life. In ancient times when women feel unsafe by men, they use to tie a Rakhi on the person’s hand and make them brothers by this Ritual then the person promise to protect their Rakhi sister from any danger in any condition.

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