Save Forest Essay

Save Forest Essay

Save Forest Essay Introduction

Save Forest Essay, A large area consisting of many kinds of trees, plants, grasses, shrubs, etc. All together are known as forests. In this 21st century, forests are in their extension period due to a lot of industrial use and deforestation. Trees provide us oxygen so this is our responsibility to protect the trees and forest. Please also provide us shade and trees are also home to many wild animals. If we will destroy forests then wild animals can attack cities or towns. Forests help in bringing the monsoon season and it also helps to purify the air. Trees are also known as green gold.

Forest also prevents water flooding and famines. Forest brings rainfall and also regulates the flow of water to reduce soil erosion. Forests also increase the fertility of the soil and make it more useful to plant different kinds of crops. To maintain the balance of living things on earth forests are very much essential to support life on earth. It leaves a great impact on climate causing the season change and to bringing the monsoon faster. Forest increases humidity in the air and hence affects many environmental factors to support life on earth. 

Our Dependency on the Forest for Living

All living things on this earth are directly or indirectly dependent on forests or trees for food so trees are also known as producers. A food chain always starts with a producer which is trees. Hence we can say for our living we are entirely dependent on forests because they provide us with oxygen and shelter to live and also give us many kinds of fruits and flowers. Flora and fauna present in our nature are because of the forest only. Forests are also a source of income on our planet Earth for various people’s livelihoods.

It also supports poor and needy people and helps them to run their families by providing them with natural products which we can sell and earn a generous amount of money. Forests are also helpful to increase the GDP of a particular country. We get both cash and non-cash income from forests. They also help the soil absorb more and more water during floods. Plantations from forests provide us with various useful materials and raw materials which are of great use in today’s human day-to-day life. For example, we get wood, Timber, teak, and many other forest products as raw materials which bring a lot of foreign exchange to our country and support its economic conditions.

Woods from forests are also used to make house roofs, windows, doors, and furniture. Forests provide many medicinal plants and herbs to cure several diseases naturally. Many different types of medicines consist of herbs and shrubs from forests which are manufactured in different regions of the country to provide a cure for different health hazards. Forests support endangered wildlife species on Earth. Many different types of flowers from forests are used to make perfumes. Sandalwood is used in many beauty products as a natural ingredient by industrial manufacturers to increase their product demand in the market. Bamboo is used to make paper and cardboard which are in high demand nowadays. Latex from the rubber tree is used to make erasers, rubbers, tubes, etc.

Why We Should Save Forests?

Without the forest, we cannot imagine life on Earth. Oxygen is the most valuable product we get from the trees of the forests. They inhale carbon dioxide which we exhale during the breathing process and exhale oxygen which is very much important for us to breathe and stay alive. Our survival is entirely dependent on forests and their natural products. So we should take several precautions to ensure that forests are safe in our countries. We should also plant more and more trees to build forests and wildlife sanctuaries.

Deforestation and Afforestation

Deforestation refers to a decrease in the number of forest areas from all over the world. In deforestation, forests are destroyed for several other uses like agriculture, urbanization, to perform mining activities, cutting d of trees for wood, etc. Deforestation is having a very negative impact on our natural environment, ecosystem, climatic conditions, and biodiversity. 

Whereas – Afforestation is the process by which forests are established and built up over areas where there are no trees or forests at all. Afforestation refers to an increase in the number of trees and planting so many new trees to form a forest. Seeds are planted or sowed into the ground to make them grow whole as a forest. The process of afforestation is also known as forestation. Many organizations from different regions of the country which may be governmental organizations or nongovernmental organizations involved in the programs of afforestation. They aim to maintain the number of trees and forests on Earth.

How to Save Forests on Earth

We should take different steps to save mother earth and to save the beautiful life-giving forest. So here are some steps mentioned below by which we can save our valuable forests.

  • We should try to take control of forest fires which are caused naturally and sometimes by the pollution caused by human beings also.
  • We should practice reforestation and afforestation to plant more and more trees and make more and more forests around us, which will provide us with a good amount of oxygen and keep our environmental air clean and pure.
  • We should try not to cut down too many trees at a time because forests or trees take time to grow up. If trees will be cutting on a large scale then it will be a problem for our environment. We should try to regulate and maintain the cutting down of trees in a particular area in large quantities.
  • Most farmers nowadays do forest clearance to grow crops or practice agriculture in the same field where there was a forest. This kind of practice of clearing forests at a time for practising agriculture could be too much dangerous and alarming for our entire ecosystem.
  • Apart from the habits of cutting down trees and forests for industrial purposes, there are also some diseases of trees which lead to a decrease in the number of trees in a forest and on the other hand affect our ecosystem due to a decrease in the number of trees in a particular forest. Diseases like parasitic fungi, rusts, mistletoes, viruses, and nematodes cause trees to rotten out and ultimately make them dead. This kind of tree disease could be cured by the use of antibiotics, tree protection chemical sprays, medicines for specific tree diseases, and by building streams in the trees through proper maintenance of healthy soil and healthy water. 
  • We all should not be dear to waste products made by forests or derived from the forest. we should recycle forest products for future uses.

Conclusion of Save Forest Essay

Save Forest Essay, From the above passage, it is known that forests are a huge blessing to nature on our earth. It is the home of several wildlife species. We should not try to snatch their homes from them otherwise they will become helpless edge to attack our towns and cities for their food and their living. We should not pollute our environment because pollution caused by our environment affects the soil and makes the soil infertile so it will be difficult in the future to grow lo more trees and plants to make a forest. We should try to plant more and more trees and many plants in our surroundings like schools, offices, playgrounds, gardens and in the surroundings of our homes. Our mother nature gives us everything unconditionally through the forest we should listen to what she wants and what she needs. 

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