Agriculture Engineering

Agriculture Engineering

Introduction of Agriculture Engineering

Agriculture Engineering, Here we discuss Agriculture Engineering, India is an agricultural country. According to the population, even today 80 percent people of the country are farmers. If you are looking at your future in agricultural engineering, then it can prove to be the ladder of success in your life. The field of agriculture is considered to be the largest field of work in all branches. There is a lot to learn and develop here.

At the present time, like other sectors, there is no shortage of employment in the agricultural sector as well, this sector is also full of employment. Let us know that there are many job opportunities for a good agricultural engineer in both government and private departments. Explain that agricultural engineers get jobs in tractor manufacturer companies, irrigation equipment companies, seed companies, fertilizer companies, farming industrial consultants in many other places.

Agricultural engineers work like scientists in botany. We can also call them an agricultural scientist. Agricultural engineers work in research, development, production, sales, or management. To become an agricultural scientist, you have to study agricultural engineering. Only then you can become a good agricultural engineer.

How to Become an Agricultural Engineer?

Candidates should have passed 12th Physics, Chemistry, Maths or Physics, Chemistry, Biology to pursue a career in Agricultural Engineering. After this one can get admission to Agricultural Engineering Course. Admission in this course is based on the entrance exam. Direct admission is also available in some private colleges. Diploma and courses like BTech or BE in Agricultural Engineering can be done to make it a Career in Agricultural Engineering.

The duration of BTech or BE in Agricultural Engineering is 4 years. The same diploma course is for 3 years. The fees for these courses are around 4 to 6 lakhs. If you do an Agricultural Engineering course from Government College, it can also be done at a lower cost. In agricultural engineering, you will find subjects mostly related to the application of technology in agriculture. I will mention some of the subjects.

First-year of Agricultural Engineering

  • Common engineering subjects like maths physics drawing etc.
  • Agronomy and soil science
  • Surveying and leveling Fluid mechanics
  • Computer programming

Second-year of Agricultural Engineering

  • Irrigation and drainage engineering
  • Groundwater wells and pumps
  • Automative and tractor engines
  • Heat and mass transfer theory of machines
  • Machine design
  • Biological properties of materials
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Watershed management
  • Soil and water and conservation engineering
  • Autocadextc.

Third-year of Agricultural Engineering

  • Dairy processing
  • Farm machinery
  • Tractor
  • Food processing etc

The final year of Agricultural Engineering

  • Inplant training
  • Project work

Career Scope in Agricultural Engineering

There is no doubt about the career scope in agricultural engineering. A very bright career can be made in this sector in today’s time. The main reason for this is that India is an agricultural country. In such a situation, there is a great demand for Agricultural Engineers in our country, because agricultural engineers produce advanced seeds and agricultural equipment for farmers. So that by using them, the yield of crops can be increased.

There are a plethora of job opportunities in agriculture engineering companies in agriculture engineering. In this sector, you can work in companies manufacturing agricultural machines and equipment. As the population is increasing. Similarly, the opportunities for increasing the food crisis are also increasing. In such a situation, many companies are working to grow the seeds so that more and more grains can be produced. Thus there are good job opportunities in these seed and fertilizer companies. Apart from this, there are excellent job prospects in Research, Teaching, Sales, and Marketing in Agricultural Engineering.

Career Option in Agricultural Engineering

There are many job options in agricultural engineering. After completing the Agricultural Engineering Course, you can work in the following positions. Like-

  • Agricultural engineer
  • Microbiologist
  • Plant physiologist
  • Agricultural Inspector
  • Survey research agricultural engineer
  • Food supervisor
  • Agricultural crop engineer
  • Environmental Controls Engineer
  • Agronomist
  • Agricultural Inspector
  • Researcher
  • Farm Shop Manager
  • Agricultural Specialist
  • Soil scientist
  • Top Institute of Agriculture Engineering
  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
  • Hisar Agricultural University, Hisar (Haryana)
  • JB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar
  • Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab
  • Anand Agriculture University, Anand, Gujarat
  • Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Salary Structure of Agriculture Engineering

Salary                                       ₹182k – ₹1m
Bonus                                       ₹2k – ₹395k
Profit-Sharing                       ₹10k – ₹442k
Total Pay                                 ₹182k – ₹2m

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