Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

Introduction of Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher, Here we discuss Yoga Teacher. Indian culture is associated with yoga, yoga has been used since ancient times, it has been used mostly by sage sages. On the initiative of the Indian Prime Minister, the International Day of Yoga was started by the United Nations, then many employment opportunities are being available in this field, now people want to keep their bodies healthy through yoga, for this qualified Yoga teacher Will be required. If you want to become a Yoga teacher, then on this page, you are being told about becoming a Yoga Teacher (Yoga teacher), qualification, salary, preparation for it.

The importance of Yoga Teachers in the current lifestyle increases because where earlier different types of yoga were used by humans during the execution of their regular tasks. Today, human beings have more mental work than physical tasks and human life has become much easier than before. This is the reason that presently due to lack of physical functions and high mental stress, the human body is becoming home to many diseases. Therefore, exercise is required to keep the human body disease-free and healthy, and if the exercise is done in the wrong way by a person, it can harm him instead of giving him benefits. This is why Yoga Teacher is needed to teach people how to do yoga properly.

If we talk about yoga, it is not only an exercise but along with exercise it is a disciplined science that helps in creating synergy between the human mind, body, and soul, and because of this synergy, a person gets good health and eternal happiness. Therefore, it can be said that a Yoga teacher not only teaches yoga postures and Pranayama to individuals but also gives you complete guidance as to achieving good health and eternal life.

Since the current lifestyle has reached the sky of competitiveness and where there is competition, everyone keeps on running ahead of each other and this race takes away the sleep, rest, health of human beings. Apart from this, adulteration in food and physical inactivity are also continuing to ruin our health. In such a situation, people are becoming aware and they are trending towards yoga, so Yoga Teacher demand in the country is also increasing rapidly.

How To Prepare for Yoga Teacher?

To become a Yoga teacher, you must be physically fit. You should wake up in the morning and exercise so that your body is keeping fit. The entrance exam is conducted by the university every year and to be successful in this exam, you have to study physical education and yoga courses properly.

Many questions related to yoga asanas are asked in the exam, you should have a piece of proper knowledge about the asana. You must have knowledge about the sports minister of the state and central government and various sports competitions, many questions related to it are asked in the exam.

How to become a Certified Yoga Teacher?

As we have already mentioned in the above sentences that to become a Yoga Teacher, first of all, one has to take a certificate, diploma or degree course in Yoga. And after getting the certificate or degree, he should spend a few years in practice so that he can get more information related to yoga and after that, you should register yourself as a Yoga Professional in the Health Council of India.

Pass the 12th Class

To become a Yoga teacher you need to complete 12th standard if you want to study a degree course in this field.

Complete Yoga Course

After the 12th class, a student desirous of becoming a Yoga teacher will have to choose one course according to his ability. The student can choose from a certificate, diploma, or degree course. However, the entrance exam can also be conducted by some popular and famous yoga schools.

If you do a degree course in Yoga, then after that you can do B.Ed. in Yoga and also join the Master Degree Program. Keep in mind that there are courses in Yoga ranging from one month to three years, so choose courses carefully and work diligently to complete the course or training so that in the coming time you will be able to become a certified Yoga Teacher.

Practice Yoga

After taking a course in Yoga, a person desirous of becoming a Yoga Teacher should practice Yoga intensively for a few years. Because currently, the quality of yoga is also very important. Therefore registration in the Quality Council of India is possible only when the person has not only a certificate or degree but also practical knowledge. Because then the person will be able to pass the examination conducted by the Yoga Registration Board.

Register with The Quality Council of India

Since India is also known as the father of yoga, the government has taken several steps to discourage incredible yoga institutions and yoga teachers and enhance the quality of yoga education here. It is meant to say that the government has tried to curb the incredible certificates and teachers related to yoga. The Government of India launched a scheme for voluntary certification of yoga professionals, a day after the International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21 June 2015 for the first time all over the world.

The scheme is being advised by the Department of AYUSH and the Quality Council of India (QCI), which provides quality standards for Vipin areas, has developed this voluntary certification scheme for yoga professionals. Under this scheme, certification is divided into three levels.

Title to become a Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga instructor
  • Yoga doctor
  • Yoga consultant
  • Yoga expert
  • Yoga practitioner
  • Yoga teacher
  • Research Officer – Yoga and Naturopathy
  • Yoga aerobic instructor

Some of the major areas of becoming a yoga teacher

  • Yoga consultant
  • Publication Officer (Yoga)
  • Yoga manager
  • Yoga Fitness Center
  • Spa
  • Resorts
  • government hospital
  • The dispensaries

Salary of a Yoga Instructor

Hourly Rate        ₹103 – ₹1,462
Bonus                   ₹2,043 – ₹978,714
Total Pay              ₹194,581 – ₹2,549,158

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