Architecture Engineering

Architecture Engineering

Introduction of Architecture Engineering

If we talk about the definition of architecture, then the planning, design, and construction of any building are called architecture. The task of architecture is to first make a plan about any structure and then prepare its design and then get it constructed.

Today we see all the big dam buildings whose designs are very different or even simple, then they are all built by architecture. The history of architecture is very old even today we have such examples of architectural art which are probably impossible to make today, but they do not even know who would have made and how one of which would be the first and unique example ‘the Egyptian Pyramids.

The shape and the way of making them are also different and it is the largest structure in history, which no one has known to date. Similarly, other historians have found evidence of architecture, of which the Indus Valley Civilization is one such civilization is where architecture was used very well.

What is Architecture?

Architecture is the design, planning, and construction of a building. If you want to build a big building, then the first design is made for it. Which is made by the architecture itself. Architecture tells you through that design what that building will look like. Architecture first makes plans for the structure of a building. After making the plan, the architect starts designing it, after which he gets it constructed.

How to Become A Architectural Engineer

Architectural engineering popularly known as building engineering or architecture engineering is a branch of engineering that is concerned with the planning of blueprints of the infrastructure of buildings, preparation of the final designs of buildings, proceeds to the next step of construction and operation of buildings along with their erection and repairs if needed. It also involves the environmental analysis which involves the proper or minute analysis of factors of the environment responsible for energy conservation, water conservation, along with the water, power, and fire protection and protection from moisture damps, etc.

Architecture courses to become an Architectural Engineer

Architecture should know some of these courses. with which you will be able to do the whole work so that you can create architecture design and design of a building. By doing any of these courses, you can become architecture.

Degree Course in Architecture
Diploma Course in Architecture
Master’s Degree in Architecture
Degree in architecture
Post Graduate Course in Architecture
Sustainable Course in Architecture
Advanced Certificate Course in Architectural
Bachelor Degree in Architecture Technology and Construction
Master of Landscape Architecture Course
Basic Course in Architectural Draftsman

All these courses are graduation courses by which you can become Architecture Engineer.

B.Arch Entrance Exam

For admission to B.Arch, you have to give the entrance exam. This exam is conducted by the college or any institute but there are some main examinations for admission in architecture.

• AMU entrance exam

Syllabus of Architecture Engineering

Basic engineering – 1
Personality Development
Physics Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory
Engineering Drawing
Computer Literacy

Career in Architecture Engineering

Architect Engineer has many job options. By doing this course, you can apply for many types of jobs. You can apply for any of these types of jobs.

Town Planner
Structural Engineer
Landscape Architect
Building Surveyor
Production Designer, Theatre/Television/Film
Higher Education Lecturer
Historic Building Inspector/Conservation Officer

Design architect        ₹ 334 k
Project architect        ₹ 669 k
Civil engineer             ₹ 303 k
Interior Designer      ₹ 318 k
Structural Engineer  ₹ 580 k
Intern Architect         ₹ 180 k

Popular Employee Salaries for Civil Engineer

TCS                    4,57,780
Infosys              3,74,921
Accenture         5,88,885
Nvidia               13,08,663
Pegasystems    41,54,287

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