Agriculture Manager

Agriculture Manager

Agriculture Manager Introduction

Agriculture provides employment to about 70% of the population in India. Moreover, it is one of the main and evergreen occupations of every Economy. One of the main jobs in the Agriculture section is of Agriculture Manager. An agriculture manager overviews several aspects of agriculture like farming and other facilities related to growing crops.

If you are a student and are interested in the Agriculture field, then a job as an agriculture manager is the best option for you. If you are searching for the steps, qualifications, and other information regarding agriculture manager, then we are here to help you. Read this blog to know the complete details.

Quick Overview

Agriculture manager is a job completely related to the agriculture field. It includes farming, horticulture, poultry, dairy, and other agriculture-related works. If you want to become an agriculture manager, you must have a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree. However, candidates with master’s degrees are given more preferences. To be more precise, it’ll take the education of at least 3 years after your 12th to enter the track of becoming an agriculture manager. To make your journey static, you can begin with starting with a good college starting from your bachelor’s degree. You can attend some entrance exams to get a good college. Some popular entrance exams are ICAR AIRR, AMU EE, BCECEB, and KCET. The salary of an agriculture manager is decent with an average of Rs.70250.

How to Become an Agriculture Manager

To become an Agriculture Manager, you must have certain degrees and qualifications.

  • You must have completed 10+2 (PCB, PCM, PCMB)
  • You must have a bachelor’s degree related to agriculture.
  • You can attempt some entrance exams to get the best Agri-based colleges in India. Some of the common exams are:
  • ICAR AIEE (Indian Council of Agriculture Research All India Entrance Exam)
  • AMU EE (Aligarh Muslim University)
  • JCECEN (Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board) Furthermore, there are two ways you can become an Agriculture Manager.

After UG

In this procedure, you’ll have to work from the base as an entry-level role after completing your bachelor’s degree. After gaining experience and knowledge you will be gradually promoted to a higher level. However, you must complete your Master’s degree because a master’s degree is given more preference for senior roles.

After PG

You can continue to your master’s degree right after your bachelor’s degree. After completing your master’s degree, you can enter the agriculture industry and work at an entry-level. However, you’ll be promoted faster in this procedure. A minimum experience of 4 years is required to become an Agriculture Manager.

Agriculture Manager Syllabus

UG Course Syllabus

This depends on the course you have chosen. However, agriculture-based studies like horticulture, farming, farming-based practical, crop cultivation, etc are common in all the courses.

PG Course Syllabus

Some of the main subjects of PG courses are:

  • Food Technology and processing management
  • Agro Chemicals and Technology management
  • Research Methods in Agri-business
  • Agri-business and rural marketing
  • Financial Management for Agri-Business

Agriculture Manager Courses

It’s been a common hypothesis that one must opt B.Sc. Agriculture to become an agriculture manager. However, it is not completely true. There is a list of UG and PG courses you can pursue to achieve this goal. You can also opt for business management courses related to agriculture. Moreover, you can go for biotechnology courses. The same goes with your master’s degree, you can opt for any degree related to Agriculture or its branches.

Agriculture Manager Career

After getting enough experience and knowledge, you get some choices of fields where you can work as an Agriculture manager. It depends on your interest in which job you chose. Some of the fields you can join are:

Livestock Manager

The livestock manager is responsible to look after the poultry and dairy farms. Some of the roles of a livestock manager are:

  • To ensure the animals in the farms are healthy and disease-free.
  • To look after the logistics needs of the farms.
  • They are the main person on the farm and they supervise all the activities.
  • To ensure the animals in the farms are fed timely and adequately.

Farm Manager

A farm manager looks after the farm and other agriculture-related activities. Some of the roles of farm manager are:

  • To ensure that the farm is running smoothly.
  • To resolve any issue related to the functioning of the farm.
  • To plan activities to increase the productivity of the farm.
  • To look after the workforce and ensure proper working of the workers.

Horticulture Manager

The horticulture manager looks after plants and their productivity. Some of the roles of a Horticulture manager are-

  • Helps the farmer to grow fruits and vegetables
  • Guides farmers with the proper use of fertilizers
  • Plans to increase the productivity of crops without harming the environment.

Other jobs one can occupy are General manager and subject matter expert.

Salary for Agriculture Manager

The salaries vary with your job and the level you are working at. You need to get to a higher level to get a better salary. Some of the jobs and their salaries are:

Agriculture Manager

This is a permanent job with good salary packages. In addition to this, there are two levels of this job: Junior and Senior levels. In the initial days, you’ll have to work at junior. Gradually after gaining experience, you will be promoted to a higher level. The salary in junior and senior-level is 40,000 and 70,000 per month respectively.

Subject matter expert

This is a contractual job. The salary packages are 30,000 and 70,000 for junior and senior-level respectively.

General Manager

This can be a contractual or permanent job. The salary in junior and senior-level is 1,00,000 and 3,00,000 per month respectively.

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