Introduction of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, However, there was a time in the middle when in a country like India there was not so much demand for Ayurvedic Doctors to be able to fulfill their dream by earning from this business. But presently due to the increasing side effects of English medicines and the ability of Ayurvedic medicines to root out the disease, the attention of people has also shifted to Ayurveda. The prevalence of Ayurvedic medicines is increasing not only in India but also in the world and people are considering them better than English medicines.

This is the reason that Ayurveda has become unique in the healthcare sector at present and there are many people in India who believe only Ayurvedic medicine can be fully effective in eliminating the disease. So there are some people who believe that Ayurvedic medicines are less effective than English medicines, because of their slow effect. But despite all this, the demand for Ayurvedic Doctors is increasing rapidly in the country at present. Therefore any student or person can not only earn his / her income by becoming an Ayurvedic doctor but can also help mankind. Before we know how to become Ayurvedic Doctors in India, let us know who these are.

Who are Called Ayurvedic Doctor

Talking about the medical system of ancient times, there were some vaidyas (वैघ) in almost every field who used to treat people of that area with Ayurvedic herbs. At that time, it was not the custom to give them any formal education in this area, if a person is a physician, then he used to teach his work to one member of his family. So that after his death someone from his family can handle the work of a physician. Then Vaidya can be called the Ayurvedic Doctor of that era. But at present, a person who is ready to treat the diseases of people with the Ayurvedic system by taking the degree of BAMS can be called an Ayurvedic Doctor. However, the main purpose of Ayurveda is to encourage good health and not just to treat diseases, so people who do not have any type of disease can also use Ayurvedic products to get fit.

As we all know that India is the second-largest country in the world in terms of population, so it has been a big challenge to provide allopathic health services to such a large population. Even today, there are many parts of the country that are deprived of allopathic health services. In such a situation, the responsibility of the health services of these areas is on the shoulders of Ayurvedic Doctor, there are others who lose faith in those medicines due to the side effects of English medicines and they prefer to get treatment through Ayurvedic medicines. At present, due to the changing lifestyle and increasing stress of the people, many types of diseases are being born in people. Among them, there are some diseases that are possible to treat only in Ayurveda. People also consider Ayurvedic treatment good because these medicines have no side effects. This is the reason that once again Ayurvedic Doctor’ contribution to health services in India is increasing a lot.

Syllabus of Ayurveda

1st Year

  • Ayurveda Nirupana
  • Dravya Vigyaniyam
  • Pratyaksha Pariksha
  • Anumanapariksha
  • Pariksha
  • Samavaya Vigyaniyam

2nd Year

  • Dravya
  • Prabhava
  • Mishraka Gana
  • Vyadhi Vigyan
  • Basic Pathology
  • Diseases of Rasavaha Srotas
  • Hematology

How to Become an Ayurveda?

Students desirous of becoming Ayurvedic Doctor may have to take many steps which are given below briefly.

Do Science from 12th

A student desirous of becoming an Ayurvedic Doctor should choose the science section after class X and in this, he also needs to choose subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology. After choosing the section and subjects, a student desirous of becoming an Ayurvedic doctor should concentrate on his studies. Currently, 50% in 12th is mandatory for doing BAMS. It may also increase in the coming years so try to get the maximum number in twelfth.

Give the Entrance Exam for Ayurveda

In different states, the entrance exam for admission for BAMS can be different, some entrance exam is conducted by the state and some entrance exam is conducted by Ayurvedic colleges. Such exams are usually conducted in May-June and these exams include objective type questions related to subjects like English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. Therefore, a student aspiring to become an Ayurvedic Doctor after XII will have to keep an eye on the admission process of various Ayurvedic colleges in the state.

Take admission, complete the course, and training

After clearing the entrance exam, one has to take admission for BAMS in the college, this is a course of five years duration which includes six months of training. During these five years, a student desirous of becoming an Ayurvedic Doctor has to study many subjects in depth. This is the reason that during this time the student needs to work hard so that he can complete the BAMS course successfully.

Register with the Central Council of Indian Medicine

After completing the BAMS Course and after completing the training, the candidate may have to register himself with the Central Council of Indian Medicine to become a Register Ayurvedic Doctor. If a person wants to do this work, then he can also go online to his official website.

Earning Opportunities for Ayurvedic Doctor

There are plenty of earning opportunities for Ayurvedic Doctors in India. Ayurvedic Doctors can earn even by working in a private hospital or medical institution and if he wants, he can apply for the vacancy of Ayurvedic doctor in government hospitals and medical institutions. Apart from this, Ayurvedic doctors can also earn by opening their own clinics.

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