Introduction of Microbiology

Microbiology, Today, there are very good career prospects in microbiology. Just as new diseases are increasing all over the world. In the same way career scope in Microbiology continues to grow. In this way, if you too are dreaming of making a Career in Microbiology, then this sector can make a difference in your career.

To pursue a career in this field, you can do B.Sc in the Microbiology course. The required qualification to do this is that you have a PCM or PCB subject on the 12th. The fees for this course range from 20 thousand to 50 thousand rupees per year.

Microbiology is an area in which expertise can only be progressed further. Actually, microbiology is used in many fields like health, environment, services, and agriculture and the most important thing related to this field is that if you have a tendency to do research, then this field will make you even better. Under this, the physiology of microbes, the biological structure of microbes, agricultural microbiology, food microbiology, microbes in biofertilizer, microbes in pesticides, environment, human diseases, etc. are studied.

These microorganisms control the pollution caused by the pesticides we use in the environment. It is of great use in food preservation, the pharmaceutical industry especially antibiotics, factories, medical sectors, agricultural production, manufacture of beverages, chemical factories, aromatics, etc.

As a microbiologist, you can do research work with a scientist. Apart from this, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, universities, private or government sectors, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, teaching, beer making, etc. can be connected in the fields.

In this area, youth can go into the fields of pharmaceutical companies, leather and paper industries, food processing, biotech, and bioprocess related industries, laboratories, and hospitals, NGOs engaged in public health work and research and study. Apart from this, teaching work can also be done in universities and colleges. Apart from the biotech and bioprocess industry, there are also good opportunities in various medical colleges. This field is based on research hence demands a lot of hard work and time.

Best Sectors for Microbiologist

Medical Microbiologists: They look for infections in the body and measures to control them. They also discover new microbes.

Biomedical Scientist: This is lab-related work. In which these professionals reduce the harmful elements of organisms by studying diseases and managing biological information properly.

Public Health Microbiologists: These professionals study the diseases spread in them during the supply of water and food items and try to control them on time.

Microbial Ecologist: Due to them, the origin of microbes and their importance in the chemical cycle of soil and water is tested. They also protect the environment from being polluted.

Agricultural microbiologists: These professionals speed up their work by focusing on improving the health of crops, not allowing them to be harmful, testing soil and increasing its productivity, etc.

Food and Dairy Microbiologists: These professionals investigate the adverse effects of microbes on foods and dairy products. They are also responsible for maintaining the quality of dairy products.

Students can work as an Assistant or Research Assistant in the Clinical and Diagnosis Laboratory after graduation. It has excellent opportunities in the pharma and food industry.

Syllabus of Microbiology

B.Sc. Microbiology

1st Semester

  • Introduction to biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Introduction to microbiology
  • Information systems
  • Cultural education I
  • Microbiology lab

2nd Semester

  • Physics
  • Microbial ecology
  • Biochemistry
  • Creative writing
  • Mathematics
  • Cultural education II
  • Physical science lab
  • Biochemistry lab

Best Colleges for Microbiology Course

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh)
Delhi University, New Delhi
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut
Chatrapati Sahuji Maharaj University, Kanpur
Patna University, Patna, Bihar
Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal (Karnataka)
Howard University, US
Yale University, US
University of Chicago, US
University of Toronto, Canada

Salary Structure of a Microbiologist:

Salary ₹132k – ₹998k
Bonus ₹1k – ₹124k
Profit-Sharing ₹1k – ₹79k
Total Pay ₹144k – ₹1m

Popular Employer Salaries for Microbiologist:

Cipla Inc. ₹342k
Aurobindo ₹380k

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