B A (Bachelor of Arts)


B A (Bachelor of Arts)

What is a B A (Bachelor of Arts)?

B A (Bachelor of Arts) is a 3 years undergraduate degree program that runs under the discipline of humanities or science. The course comprises five compulsory subjects in whatever field the student wants along with some complementary subjects. There are several streams available for students to pursue their bachelor of art courses. Some of the departments like humanities, design, hospitality, English, and mass communication are highly popular among the students nowadays.

The subjects which students have to study for three years depends on the streams they choose to study and pursue their career within. Some of the integrated courses which students highly choose to pursue after bachelor of arts are bachelors of elementary education and masters of arts in the same stream from which they have completed their bachelor’s of Arts. Students can also pursue this course from a distance learning offered by various private colleges as well as government colleges or from various open universities according to their convenience, fee structure, and overall facilities offered by the respective organization.

Scope of the Course

There is an enormous amount of scope in this field according to the particular stream chosen by the student which reflects their interest. The variety of skills is associated with the stream chosen in this course and hence the job profile and salary also depend upon the stream chosen by the student. The students after completing a bachelor of arts can fit in various job roles.

A lot of opportunities and job types are available to the B A (Bachelor of Arts) students nowadays. Every sector, every organization, and every field requires some BA graduates for various purposes or various job roles. The study pattern and the skills associated with the particular stream for this course is not too vast and hence it gives three years graduation degree to the students and some knowledge is well with lots of options for their future. 

Eligibility Criteria for B A (Bachelor of Arts)

Eligibility criteria for B A (Bachelor of Arts) are not too much hard it can be pursued just after the completion of higher secondary education or we can say class 12th examination. the only criteria are that the student must have passed their 12th examination with at least 40% securing in all subjects from any recognized stream in their higher secondary.

That means the student from any stream in their class 12 can do this course either he or she will be from arts, commerce, or science and can enjoy the same opportunities after the completion of this course. the cutoff percentage may vary from college to college university to University depending upon the ranking of college in that particular area or state.

Fee Structure for the Course

The fee structure of this course is not too much high as compared to the other courses available nowadays for pursuing graduation. It may vary from college to college or the different streams were chosen by the student from which day want to pursue his or her bachelor of art course, but we can take an average idea that the fee structure of this course somewhere varies between 4000 to 64000 per annum depending on various parameters like the reputation and ranking of the college in that particular area for the scholarships available to the students for higher studies. Students seeking distant education have to be comparatively fewer fees than regular college students.

Syllabus and Duration of the Course

The course duration is 3 years and it is divided into 6 semesters, two semesters every year. The subjects and syllabus of this course depend upon the stream chosen by the student. This course comprises the subjects like English, French, psychology, sociology, philosophy, religious studies, history, journalism, and mass communication.

The subjects may vary from college to college but you will be able to notice only a little difference in the subjects in different colleges depending upon the different universities under which the respective colleges used to perform. More like the subjects are same for different colleges for same streams.

Job Roles and Opportunities

As we have discussed earlier the job roles and the opportunities for the students depend totally upon the stream chosen by the student according to their interest and the versatile skills associated with that particular stream. For your clarification, we can list up some job roles offered to bachelors of arts graduates every year by some recognized companies in India with good salary packages per annum. Some regular opportunities offered to BA graduates are mentioned below:

  • We can do LLB to become a lawyer
  • Data scientist
  • They can enter the insurance industry
  • Can pursue their career in business analytics
  • Complete post-graduation in their subject (M A)
  • Become a teacher of any particular subject.
  • Can pursue fashion designing
  • Can learn digital marketing
  • Content writing jobs
  • Event management
  • Can become an associate
  • They can also work as historians.

Average Salary After the Course

The salary of the scores depends upon the skills associated with the students and with the subject of the course. In India, the average salary of a BBA graduate is ₹4,36,168 Indian rupees per annum. Note that the salary of a BA graduate varies on the parameters like the college they have pursued their course with, the skills they have mastered in and some personal abilities, strength, and IQ of the candidate.

Hiring Companies in India for BA Graduates

There is a specific number of companies that hire BA graduates every year for various job roles in their respective companies. Some organizations hire BA graduates for their particular projects according to the ability of the candidate. These candidates are hired on a contract basis for some years or some months according to the duration of the project. They also have an opportunity to work part-time for this kind of project offered to them and in parallel, with this, they can also pursue their higher studies or post-graduation which some of the integrated courses to enhance their career and for a better future. Some of the most likely hiring companies in India are mentioned below:

  • Elementary schools depending upon a particular area.
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • TCS
  • Bosch
  • HCL
  • Cognizant
  • HDFC Bank

The candidates can also prepare for government exams and can get a government job too for a better future. They can do civil as well as economic jobs according to their choice and interests. They can also start their own business if they wish to do so.

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