BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)

BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)

Introduction of BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is one of the very popular undergraduate degree courses among the students who wish to make their profession in the IT (Information Technology) nation of affairs. With the increasing population of IT industries in India, the demand for computer professionals is increasing day by day in every sector. This increasing rate of IT enterprise day by day has created a lot of possibilities and opportunities for computer graduates.

This degree helps to set up a great academic base in the field of technology which results in a successful career later on. Being a technical course this field requires a lot of skills too which makes a learner efficient in all aspects to work in industrial affairs. This path offers a lot of possibilities for college students who are passionate about the world of computers and software development.

Recommended Master Courses and Study structure of BCA

Students after completing the undergraduate course BCA can go for the MCA which is Masters of Computer Applications or they can get a lateral entry in 4 years B. Tech degree course and after that they can continue their engineering career with either M. Tech or Ph.D. The students from BCA are also good to go for an MBA course to get certified with a management degree. The course curriculum of BCA is fairly comparable to the path of Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech).

The knowledge about length of BCA consists of more than a few subjects such as Programming in C Language including Basic and Advanced, Networking, World-Wide-Web, Data Structure, Database Management, Software Engineering, Object-Oriented Programming with the use of C, Visual Basic, Programming with the usage of PHP, JAVA, Oracle Operating Systems, Web Scripting, and Web Development, etc.

Eligibility Criteria to get Admission to BCA

Before planning your career in any field, it is very important to check out some fundamental points and one of the essential issues till now then make use of any route is the eligibility criteria. It desires to be checked whether the candidate is eligible for performing for the preferred route or not. The university college students who wish to involve in BCA courses for their bachelor’s degree have to fulfill some satisfying eligibility criteria. First of all the Candidate Should be a citizen of India. Candidates must have passed their higher secondary or 12th or senior secondary examination with at least 50% marks at the same time with English.

The twelfth examination must be qualified/Appearing with arithmetic as an obligatory subject. The minimal age restriction is 17 years. Most students age varies between 22-25 years who join this course. The university students are normally admitted on the groundwork of personal interview and written examination carried out by way of institutes/universities. Some institutes/universities admit scholars on a gain basis. The attain is equipped on the groundwork of the candidate’s average performance in and the qualifying examination of 12th.

Entrance Examinations

There are some popular entrance exams for the students who wish to join the 3 years course of the BCA program. The entrance exams are mainly conducted by some popular or reputed universities that offer BCA and MCA courses to find the deserving candidates for their seats available in their college for this course. Some of these are mentioned below:

  1. LUCSAT BCA is offered by the University of Lucknow in May.
  2. KIITEE BCA conducts by the Kalinga institute of technology.
  3. PESSAT by PES University.
  4. IPU CET BCA by GGA Indraprastha University.
  5. SHIATS by Sam Higgin bottom University of Agriculture, Technology & Science.
  6. IUET by integral University.

Admission Procedure and Average Fees

Universities or colleges take admission in 3 years BCA degree program based on a merit list or some of the universities or colleges also provides direct admissions to the students who wish to pursue their career in the field of BCA or bachelors of technology. Students can also take a lateral entry in the BCA program. in very rare cases interviews are conducted for reserving the seat for candidates who wish to pursue their career in bachelors of technology course most of the universities grant admission based on their marks obtained in class 12th for higher secondary marks.

The averages BCA course fee in India may range from 15000 rupees to 200000 rupees annually however some higher-ranked colleges demand more money in the name of donation and most cases the students agree with their terms and conditions by setting their minds with the fact that the college is a reputed college and it may make their career more successful if they join their name with a reputed college like this.

Career and Job roles for BCA graduates

As the demand is increasing in the IT field for software and web developers there is a lot of scopes developed for those students who are from the IT field whether they are from BCA, B. Tech, or any other technical course. The career opportunities for BCA students are not growing only in India but also in several foreign countries that are demanding more and more software engineers, web developers, or application developers from India.

Some of the most popular job roles offered to BCA graduates or MCA graduates are mentioned below in the list.

  • Programmers in various development fields
  • System engineer
  • Web developer
  • Software developer

They can also dive into the management field if they pursue an MBA after completing their graduation from the bachelor of computer application (BCA).

Average Salary offered to BCA graduates

The amount of salary offered to BCA graduates is based on their job profiles and their work experience in the industry. The salary of a fresher BCA graduate ranges from Rs.12000 to rupees 15000 per month but once they get experience in the field their salary probably gets double. If a BCA graduate completes their MCA afterward to earn a post-graduation degree or MBA or any equivalent degree to complete their post-graduation they may get hired to a reputed company with a higher salary package which ranges from 25 thousand salaries per month to 35 thousand salaries per month averagely. The average salary of a BCA degree holder is 2.5 lakh rupees per annum in India.

Top Companies who Recruit BCA Graduates

If you opt to start your career after BCA many companies in the market hire freshers and some global groups are additionally there who don’t care what is your college reputation or rank they will take your interview and the entrance exam only. They see your talent they don’t care about your background occupation statics and your certifications. Some companies frequently highest BCA graduates are mentioned below:

  1. HCL
  2. TCS
  3. Cognizant
  4. Wipro
  5. Aricent
  6. Microsoft
  7. Amazon
  8. Flipkart
  9. Naked lime
  10. Infosys

These companies conduct their own scheduled exams to certify the candidate with the reputed job profile in their company. You must have to be skillful and as knowledgeable as they require for their companies’ job profiles.

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