Best Friend Essay

Best Friend Essay

Best Friend Essay, It sounds hard and impossible to leave without a friend in today’s generation. A friend is a person who is not a family member but we still treat them partially as our family members. A true friend always supports you no matter what you are going through and always think best for you. Almost every people have friends in their life but only a few of them really have a true friend or we can say a best friend. A best friend is a person who is like a part of the family. Sometimes I truly feel glad that I am blessed with a God-gifted best friend like her. The day I met my best friend I never knew that she would become so close to me one day. I met her when I was just five years old and I was in the class nursery. She was my neighbour and we used to play many games together. At that time it was very hard for us to stay apart from each other.

Best Friend Essay, We also used to fight many times together in a single day but the very next day we forget everything and start playing together. Slowly and steadily we grew up everything has changed in our lives but the only thing which is not changed is our friendship is a true and unconditional friendship which is properly balanced by me and my best friend. She is just the most awesome person I have ever met I have suffered and struggled a lot with her. Apart from being so lovely, supportive, kind, and generous to me, she is also so much annoying. There are a lot of ups and downs that came in our friendship but the bond of our friendship is knotted so tightly that no one can break it till the day.

Memories with my best friend

In terms of memories, we have shared at least 80% of our life’s ups and downs to the day. When we were infants we shared our toys, knowledge, experience, stories, books, tiffin, and sometimes even our toothbrushes with each other. At that age, we used to share every term we got introduced to and a lot of child gossip stuff. As the days passed and we come into our teenage we slowly realized that there aren’t many friends left with both of us because obviously yes at that point of age, all of us met new people and made new friends according to our wishes and choices and sometimes we leave or forget the old ones who were there in the time of our need but in my friendship, nothing was like that. No matter how busy we were in our teenage with other new friends and with our studies we have always made time for each other because there is something precious perspective with our friendship.

I still remember she always checks my test papers without my permission. She used to believe that it is her right to interfere in my life no matter what and how would I feel. That was too much annoying to me. Whenever I used to get sad and I don’t want to reveal the secret thing which made me sad but she kept asking me the whole day the same question why am I sad at the end of the day I reveal everything in front of her and that would make me feel too much light. I used to feel like I have given up on my grief. After that she always makes me feel better with her stupid jokes and a few appreciation quotes which denote me as the strongest person on this earth. It doesn’t matter how far we are now physically but mentally we always remember each other and we never forget to wish each other on birthdays and special days. To this day we help each other with studies and other stuff. 

Qualities of my best friend

There are a lot of qualities my best friend has; she is blessed with a good sense of humour so she can crack good jokes and make me laugh in my hard times. She is very supportive, kind, generous, faithful and most of all she is one of the original people I have ever met and I believe strongly that she is never going to leave my side as she stays in my heart.

Our bonding

Best Friend Essay, Though having different personalities and different character traits we share a common bond of friendship which keeps us and our relationship warm, good and healthy. We almost share the details of every minute spent in the day. Apart from sharing too much love, we are not very much obsessed with each other because we believe in the fact that we both have to fulfil our duties for our families as well as for our careers and our bright future too, so we do not let our friendship interfere in household matters and career matters. Instead of using our friendship as a drawback in our life, we use this friendship as our strength and inspiration. 

Why every person should have a best friend?

A best friend is very essential for everyone as they can improve and boost your self-confidence level and self-esteem. No matter how bad you are in a situation they will always be by your side. No matter who leaves you and stays with you they will always be with you in your hard times. The love and bonding offered by them heal you from the inside. A good friend can always stand as your backbone in life. They correct you when you are wrong and improve your good qualities. Even a short conversation with them can make you feel like everything is going perfectly in your life. A best friend is more like a personal diary. A good friendship with a true person can enhance your personality, your values, and the morals of life.

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