Christmas Day Essay 2023

Christmas Day Essay

Introduction of Christmas Day

Christmas Day is celebrated on the 25th of December every year. Christmas Day is celebrated in honour of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is one of the main festivals of Christians. He was the Jesus of Nazareth. His Teachings were on the basis of their religion. He was a spiritual leader. Children wait for Santa Claus to arrive on December  25th.

This was declared a federal holiday in the United States in 1870. Today people and religions from all over the world celebrate Christmas. In today’s world Christmas is a festival that is celebrated worldwide. People from any religion can go inside the church and can pray there to seek the blessings of God. Children mainly enjoy this festival. They get gifts from Santa and a variety of cakes to eat.

History of Christmas Day

Europeans earlier used to celebrate light and birth in the darkest days of winter. Many people enjoy it during the winter solstice when they could look forward to longer days and extended hours of sunlight as no long durations of sunlight are seen in the winter. Days are shorter and the nights are longer. They had to experience harsh winters so they rejoiced during the winter solstice days, which starts on December 21. The Norse people called this winter solstice days and they celebrated it through January. The earlier winter solstice was celebrated as the recognition of the return of the Sun.

The Norse people believe that the father and son should go to the forest and bring long logs of wood which they later set on fire and the people would feast until the log will burn out completely. They believe that every spark of fire denotes the number of pigs and calves going to be born in the upcoming year. In Germany, people rejoiced the day for the honor of pagan god Odin during the winter solstices. In Rome, People celebrated the holiday Saturnalia in honor of the god of agriculture Saturn. It was a time when plenty of food and drinks were present in Rome. In the Early of Christianity Easter was the main holiday.

Was Jesus really born on 25th December?

Christmas was not exactly the birth of Jesus Christ. Earlier the birth of Jesus was not celebrated. There was no date mentioned in the bible for his birth. In the fourteenth century, the church officials decided to include the birth of Jesus as a holiday. They get some evidence that his birth may have occurred in the spring.

Later on, after so many discussions with people, Julius chooses December 25 as the birthday of Jesus Christ. The Church decided to adopt the traditions of the pagan Saturnalia festival which was first called the Feast of the Nativity Slowly this custom was spread to Egypt and England by the end of the sixth century.

Santa Clause

Hundreds of years ago there was a monk named Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle in Turkey he Became the subject of many legends as he gave away all his wealth and traveled the whole countryside helping the poor and sick people. Once they saved three poor sisters from being sold into slavery or prostitution by their father. He provided them some money for a dowry so that they could be married. As time passed due to his good deeds his popularity Increased and he became known as the protector of children as sailors. Today he is known as a jolly man who brings toys to good girls and boys on Christmas Eve. It is believed that Santa has white beards and he wears red clothes. He comes in sitting on a caret which is pulled by eight reindeers.

Decorations of Christmas Day

Christmas Day decorations include a pine tree which is known as the Christmas tree. People decorate the Christmas tree which stars bells, socks rings, and money other types of ornamentations. The pine tree is chosen as the Christmas tree because it is an evergreen tree and its color is known as the traditional color of Christmas.

Gold and silver are mainly used in Christmas Day decorations. Blue, White and pink colors are also very commonly used to represent winters. Some images are also decorated on Christmas like baby Jesus, mother Mary. Santa Claus Images and also the star of Bethlehem is decorated on this auspicious day.

Christmas Day Celebrations

People started celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve. They celebrate this day in many ways. People decorated their homes with Christmas trees and did many other decorations set fires that burned throughout the feast. Many people visit their relatives and friends. They exchange gifts and cards among themselves, Christmas day is also combined with the old costumes winter celebrations of Christians, Many people throw a party on Christmas Eve. Some groups of people and some charitable trusts arrange meals shelters cloth gifts for the needy homeless and poor people. Some rich people give donations to orphanages and some other charities. People go into a church and join the mass prayer to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.


The True Meaning of Christmas is how to bring the greatest happiness to others, to Give up one’s very self, and to think only of others. Through Christmas, we come to know that the birth of Jesus Christ is the beginning of great things in the world. It reminds us of the importance of sharing wealth and opportunity with homeless, poor, and needy people. This festival strengthens our relationship with God and gives us the lesson for our existence. Everything in this festival is truly appreciable.

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