Digital India Essay

Digital India Essay

Digital India Essay, The word digital India refers to the idea of making the country a digital one and a knowledgeable one. Using net access and digital services by the government and the country’s common people for comfort and saving time is the main idea according to the Digital India program. As Government of India nowadays, taking a lot of measurements for the people of India to make their lifestyle better here in India and easy to purchase and buy anything, easy to use government services through online mode, or any other services available nearby, e t c, are the main motives of the program. The impactful and progressive digital India program is started in the year 2014 on August 7 by our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi to transform India completely into a most powerful, graceful, modern, and smart country. 

Aim of the Digital India program – Digital India Essay

The vision or we can say the aim of this digital India program launched by our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi is to transfer our India into a smart country, to grow the country economically, to make it a digitally improved country, and a successful availability of government services for all citizens of India electronically. One of the main versions of launching this program was

  • To improve broadband networks all over the country.
  • To ensure that government services are available to all the citizens of the country.
  • It will be easy to keep records of government services digitally than in old handwritten formats.
  • Easy access to government services through the citizens or common people of India.
  • To save the time of the people as well as that of the government.
  • To make the country digitally powered.
  • To increase the connectivity of the country. 
  • To connect the ruler areas of India with a high-speed internet connection.
  • To spread digital literacy and awareness of using digital services by the people of the country or universally. 

E-governance Services by Digital India

Being a developing country economically which country has to distinguish strong and empowered. So to fill the gaps in digital literacy in the country, it becomes very important for the Government of India to adopt measures to connect India digitally with other countries. Like India, many countries across the globe have already taken the path of digitalization to ensure success and economic growth for the country. E-governance is a process by which the Government of India provides to facilitate the services available by the government in a more easily accessible way for the countrymen. Some of the examples of e-governance services launched by the government of India are-

  • National Portal of India
  • Government entrance exam test portals
  • Prime minister portal
  • Digital India initiative
  • Digital land management system portals.
  • Filling out exam forms online
  • Filling out taxes online
  • Applying for Aadhaar, pan, and other important government documents online.
  • Building direct connections with other countries’ government
  • Introduction of the Government of India with citizens, businesses, and employees.

Effect of the Digital India Program on the Country – Digital India Essay

The digital India program has caused a great impact on the life of the Indian government as well as the Indian people. Some points mentioned below are the effect of the digital India movement in our country.

  • Digital India programs help to boost the GDP of the country.
  • Made it easier for the people of India to use government services fast and individually without standing in a queue for hours.
  • Mostly helped in microeconomic growth factors.
  • Helped in the development of businesses and revenue generation.
  • India is having the third largest internet market in the world with almost 259 million users of broadband.
  • Helped in social, health care, banking, and other economic sectors.
  • Herbert in education through a digital way. Made studying online is here so as resultant reduces the poor literacy rate in India by providing online education to willing students.
  • Helped for maintaining connections with family members, businessmen, and other employees.


So from the above mentioned, we are clear that being digitally connected in our country is a golden opportunity to grow and develop and to enhance our chances are getting economically stable soon in life. This program is a must-have program for our country and our present government is working on it for 5 years now let’s see what’s going to change and what are benefits our country is going to get through this digital India program. We should feel proud that our country is taking such measures to develop our country and its infrastructure. The Government of our country is trying to steal the country’s economy three and its people.

Nowadays it very much needs to connect with the help of the internet to save time, share information as soon as possible, and share our ideas more conveniently. No other way can be more convenient than this policy which our government is trying to progress in. We should help our country grow by using and creating awareness about the internet services and government policies available in our country or our city or our locality. The more we create awareness about the digital India movement in our country the more we are helping our country to grow and develop.

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