Save Water Essay

Save Water Essay

Save Water Essay, Saving water has been one of the most prominent needs nowadays. The reason behind this arising need is the low level of groundwater and polluted water bodies around us which is commonly known as water pollution. This has forced us into a very struggling situation to deal with such scarcity and get ourselves safe out of it. In this article first, we will talk about the facts related to one of the most precious natural resources – “Water” and then we will talk about the problems and the reasons which forced us to save our water. 

“Save Water Save Life”

Water & its Importance – Save Water Essay

We live on planet Earth where we have numerous resources free of cost as given by our nature and planet Earth. These are also known as natural resources. One of the most commonly used and crucial resources is Water. Without water, human life cannot be imagined. Water is one of those without which we cannot live, life cannot be imagined and the daily usual activities cannot be imagined. So it can be imagined how important it is for us. The earth is a watery planet whose 71 per cent of the area is filled and covered with water. It has various water bodies like oceans, seas, canals, Rivers, lakes, wells, dams, waterfalls, Himalayas, etc etc.  The Oceans cover around 96 per cent of the total water availability on Earth. By this fact, we can imagine that there is a lot of water availability on earth but there is also a surprising fact about it that only a small amount of such abundance of water which is around 0.3 per cent of the total amount is usable by human beings.

The Rest and the remaining amount of water are not usable. The rest amount of around 99.7 per cent of the water is stored in oceans, under soils, and icecaps, and also present in the atmosphere. But this 0.3 is more than sufficient if it is properly utilized by us. One of the most commonly used sources of water is rivers. There is a term Visible Water Bodies which are termed surface water. Such majority of freshwater is found under the soil. And such groundwater is supplied to various visible water bodies like rivers, streams, canals, wells, etc. We, humans, have access to both groundwater and surface water. 

Problem of Water Scarcity – Save Water Essay

The scarcity of water and improper use of usable water on earth leads to the problem of scarcity of water. As we are already well aware of the fact that only 3 per cent of the total water availability on earth is fresh water and two-thirds of that is stored in frozen glaciers, Himalayas, etc, and is not usable. 

Health Effects Due to Wastage of Water – Save Water Essay

As a result of this and so many other wastages of water, around 1.1 billion people don’t have access to fresh water. There are so many miserable situations where 2.7 billion people (worldwide) don’t have access to water and are going through a phase of water scarcity for at least a month of the year. Pollution has also become an emerging and highlighted issue in freshwater bodies where adequate sanitation is the need of the hour but is not done.

This inadequate sanitization has become a problem for more than 2.4 billion people worldwide. They are affected by various diseases like cholera, water-borne diseases, typhoid fever, diarrhoea, etc. Children are one of the most vulnerable demographics which are affected and even die from such water bore diseases every year. So these are the main scenario which has been eaten due to the scarcity of water and water pollution also with its ill effects. So now the question arises of what we can do. 

Best 5 Ways to Save Water 

Turn off the taps

This is one of the most prominent and very first precautions which must be taken into consideration. This is one of the best ways to save water for us and our upcoming generations as well. Don’t let your taps open when they are not being used by you. It is estimated that if you open your tap while brushing your teeth then it lets a wastage of around 6 litres of water which is a big amount of wastage of water. So keep the taps off when they are not being used and also Fix the problems of water leakages from taps. This is one of the best ways to resolve the problem of water wastage and we can easily save water in a big amount.

Get a low-flush toilet

This is also one of the best ways to save your water. It is estimated in the United Kingdom that the average household flushes the loo 5k times annually. This uses Around 13 litres of water per day by a single individual. Nowadays the modern dual flush models save a huge amount of water. They have reduced such wastage of water to around 6 litres of usage at the time of flush by a single individual per day. This means we should move towards equipment to save our waste. 

Catch rainwater or rainwater harvesting

This is also one of the most commonly used water-saving techniques which are not rn but traditional ones where people save water by natural rain. They save this rainwater in tanks and canals to use it further for gardening, washing, and drinking as well. Now in Modern times, various new equipment has come where we can install water butts and can easily save 5k litres of water every year which is a very big amount. 

Use Manual Equipment rather than using Automatic Equipment

Using Manual Equipment rather than using Automatic Equipment is the best way to save water while gardening and washing. This saves the water by 33 per cent from its wastage.

Use Water Alarms to avoid water wastage

There have been various alarms in the market which should be taken into consideration and placed in our house water tanks and other artificial water bodies. This saves us from the overflow of water and if it happens then the alarm gets starts ringing. 


Here we have clearly defined the best 5 ways to save water and finally get our life from the water scarcity danger. Life is so precious and water is required for living life so it can be imagined how important water is for our daily lives. Without water, we cannot imagine our life and the fulfilment of our daily needs. Water is so precious natural resource and we must save water from wastage and keep our resources clean for us and our upcoming generations. 

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