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Essay Hard Work

Hard Work


Hard work is the key to success. Hard work is the most important and the main ingredient in life to achieve our goals and be a successful person. Work is worship and it is a part of our life, hence every person living in this world has to work from the young age to rest of the life and so everyone does also but there is a very big and crucial difference between just being working and hard working on something or anything like it could be anything sports, studies, job, business or some other stuff, etc. Just being engaged in something with no amount of determination and passion will never let you achieve your goal, you have to work hard with full dedication then only you can feel the taste of success. Like mostly every student pass but all of them are not scoring in merits the one who is loyal to his or her studies and performing with full hard work and dedication will surely be a scholar. Thus, if you want to be amongst the best you have to be dedicated, focused, passionate, and hard worker and this is the only master formula of achieving success in any of the fields or professions. 


It is too easy to comment or judge anyone that he/she is so lucky and fortuned on seeing anybody succeeding but no one realizes the hard work done behind that or they actually don’t want to realize, they always have an excuse. Nothing is bigger than hard work, often there is a large number of people blessed with different talents but all of them are not successful in life because they did not work hard to cherish their talent and those who have worked hard to polish their talent and pursue it as a lifetime career will definitely do wonders in life. And though being not blessed with any type of talent is not at all any problem, you must just have strong will power, courage, determination, dedication, passion, and hard work, and some patience for your promising goal and you will definitely reach your destination because hard work never goes null it always pays you back, might be a little later but it will because god also helps only those, who are ready to help themselves, and if you will not work hard no one can help you not even god. Behind every success, there are years of practice, attempts & failures, learning, sacrifices, dedication, determination, passion, the madness of achieving your desired goal, and hard work after all this success serves you. 

Results of hard work 

If we literally open our mind and eyes to our surroundings and look around we will get to know that we are surrounded by multiple examples of hard work as looking towards the development from past to present time period like generally no one notices and think about the history of the inventions a few of only do about the facilities they are availing for their convenience like one of the trending is your mobile phone which is being upgraded every month, there is a new and upgraded smartphone. But no one is aware of the hard work done on the production, planning, execution, trials, and failures of that smartphone. Similarly, there are so many examples as an airplane, helicopter, fighter jets, motor cars, motorbikes, computer, laptop, LCD, missiles, and many more, there is a lot of hard work on the formation of these objects.

If we go through the testimony or biography of 500 successful personalities, we may understand the amount & kind of struggle, hard work done by them to be at that level. If Sachin Tendulkar is known as the god of cricket it is only because of his sacrifice, practice, consistency, loyalty, passion, dedication to his work. He was talented and he has done a lot of hard work on his talent to make the best of it that is why he is known as the king of cricket in the whole world.

There are hundreds of examples like – Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Amitabh Bachchan, Barak Obama, PM Narendra Modi Ji, these all are inspiring and hard-working personalities that are why they are shining like a star. History tells us with many examples that it is the hard work that brings success, you cannot blame your luck if you are unsuccessful or depend on it. You can see the science has done wonders today, the development in medicine, health, growth in technology, and the current period of the internet is also the result of years of hard work behind that. If there would have been no strugglers and hard workers we would not have been enjoying our lives today. life would not have been so easy as it in the present time.

The personality of a hard worker 

A hard-working human never gives excuses or delay their tasks giving uncertain reasons, he is always ready for everything. He/ she will always be active, they have a kind heart, belief in helping others, they are not lazy and lethargic, they always have something to do or they find something unique and beneficial to do and solve the problems and make things easier.  Hardworking people are very disciplined, dedicated, and caring. There should be a spark and learning of hard-working in every student from the very beginning so they can earn rewards, respect, and dignity in their life. 

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