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Holi Essay

Holi Introduction

Holi Essay 2021 for Student. Here we describe an Indian festival in an essay format name is Holi Essay for Students. In this Holi Essay, we describe many things about Holi as Holi Essay. is a festival of colors. It is a popular festival of the ancient time of Hindus. This festival signifies the victory of good over evil. The festival is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm and fun. People filled with joy and happiness while playing with colors. This festival demonstrates the brotherhood nature of Indian culture. Holi denotes the end of winters in India and the arrival of spring. This is also a good beginning of the harvest season, and for many other people, it’s a time to repair their broken relationships with their family and friends.

Considering it as a festival of brotherhood people come together to laugh, play with colors, and have fun no matter how bad their relationship was before with each other, simply it’s a time to repair broken relations. This festival has also gained popularity in South Asia and other countries too and also among many non-Indian natives. The festival includes the function of burning demon HOLIKA who was the sister of the demon king HIRANYAKASHIPU. The festival is named after the demon HOLIKA who wanted to burn his brother’s son according to his brother’s order. But she failed to do so and burned herself in the fire.

History Behind the Festival Holi

According to Hindu mythology in ancient times before the birth of Christ, lord Vishnu burned the demon HOLIKA to protect the child and his devotee named PRAHALAD, lord protected him from his demon father who wants to kill his own child because of his child’s love for god.

One day the father ordered his demon sister to sit upon the fire with his son to harm him and advised her to put a blanket on herself so she won’t be harmed. Fortunately, the blanket flew upon PRAHALAD and he got saved but HOLIKA burnt alive. Peoples believe that Lord Vishnu saved the life of his devotee and at last killed PRAHALAD’s father who was the king of demons.

Celebrations of Holi

The celebrations begin from the evening born fire of Holi on the day of Purnima according to the Hindu calendar. The next day the real Holi begins in the morning people play with colors especially the kids enjoy this festival a lot they play with colored water, dry colors which they apply to the body of other participants, kids play with small colored water-filled balloons which they throw to each other. People go to visit their friends and family, repair their broken relationships with their enemies, and come together to celebrate this beautiful festival of colors.

They feast together with yummy delicious sweets, drinks with bhang mixed in it, and many other mouth-watering food items. A state of India called Uttar Pradesh celebrates a diverse kind of Holi in the city of Mathura along with the towns of Barsana and nandgaon. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was a villager from the town, and gaon and her beloved Radha were from the town Barsana in their time. Once Lord Krishna visited her and along with his family members to play the festival of Holi. There he colored all the women of their town along with Radha and in offense with that women chased Krishna and his friends with long sticks to capture them.

So this ritual of the Holi festival is performed every year in the town of Barsana where people come from all over the country to witness this diverse kind of Holi celebrations. Men protect themselves from the sticks of women with the help of a shield, at last, the men who fail in protecting themselves have to wear the clothes of women and then they have to dance in front of everyone. The Braj Mandal of Mathura sings Holi songs in pure Braj language.

Everyone presents their hail Shri Radhe or Shri Krishna with their fullest sound. On the second day people of Barsana visit, nandgaon to play Holi and this time men of nandgaon try to drench the women of Barsana with authentic colors. Men invade women to seek their attention. After this women chase the invaders and beat them with long sticks known as “lathis”. During the game, people drink a special milkshake kind of stuff known as thandai with some amount of Bhang mixed in it.  


The festival of Holi indicates the victory of good over evil. People love this festival because they find the idea to play with colors with a spirit of brotherhood very interesting. The festival denotes the end of the winter season along with the starting of spring or the harvest season. The delicious food of this festival makes it more loveable and rejoicing for the Indians. On this day no one gets discriminated against by anyone for any reasons like caste, creed, religion, poor, rich, and so on.

People enjoy this day with everyone although some exceptions are there because every country carries some cruel and ruthless people, who perform crime just for their own fun which lasts for a second, and makes the country to bow their head down. Many drunk men with a bad intention get mixed with the Holi crowd. These people misbehave with women and others to take advantage of them. Apart from these brutal people, some good people are also there who respect women and their freedom of choice. They support the fact that everyone consists of their own fundamentals or the set of rights, it should be his or her choice to choose people to play the virtuous festival of Holi.

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