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India Republic Day


India will celebrate its 72nd Republic Day on the 26th of January 2021. India celebrates Republic Day in honor of the day when the constitution of India came into effect in the year 1950. Republic day is declared as a national holiday in India. All government and private workplaces, schools, colleges remain close or they celebrate this day by hosting India’s national tricolor flag and by distributing sweets among the children and the other people.

People celebrate this day by singing India’s national anthem and some other patriotic songs of India. Some other cultural events based on Indian freedom fighters are performed by various students in schools and colleges. Most of the events of Republic Day include a lot of gathering among people but we all know that the republic day of 2021 would be a little different from the rest of the years due to Novel Corona Virus (covid-19). Hence, the government of India is still not clear about the idea to celebrate the Republic day of 2021. As it may cause the spread of the virus more rapidly.

This year we all including our government have to take necessary precautions for any national festival celebrations which include gathering and may lead to form a massive crowd. Till the last year, India has always used to commemorate this day by organizing a grand military parade in the national capital of India, New Delhi. This grand military parade signifies India’s fearless, graceful, and power-packed army team. It also demonstrates India’s rich cultural heritage.

To showcase the beautiful relationship between the cities, states, and countrymen of India enormous beautiful tableaux designed by different ministers of India are exhibited during the parade to show the unity among the Indians. The parade follows the president of India as the supreme commander of the military. The president of India unfurls the national flag. People from different countries, cities, and states gather to see this historic Republic Day parade and the tableaux showcases.

India is an independent and democratic country since the year 1950, but this year due to the novel coronavirus our India is somehow again captured partially by the pandemic effect of this virus as it has made India’s health and economic conditions more critical. We have lost many people this year due to this pandemic but we have got many courageous fighters to fight against this virus.

The doctors, nurses, policemen, chemists, social workers, NGO workers, delivery boys, and many other responsible citizens of India moved forward to fight against this virus which seems like a great team of freedom fighters. They did not care about their own life and immediately came into action for saving other people’s life. They have worked day and night to fight against this virus courageously for the sake of risking their own life.

They are the true freedom fighters of today’s generation. If we go with the conclusion we can say that the genetics of India’s various freedom fighters like Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, and many others are still alive in India’s today’s generation which Indian countrymen and our new generation mostly show in the time of need.

India is a fearless country that is ready to fight against any antisocial movement or in any dangerous situation. The government of India is very polite and humble to the rest of the countries and they have also helped the other countries in this difficult situation. Every year on Republic Day function some VIP people from other countries like presidents and some others are invited as chief guest for the celebrations of Republic Day function.

Present Condition

The Republic Day of 2021 may not be the same as the rest of the years but we can say that it’s a proud moment for all responsible Indian citizens who love this country and never denied to make many sacrifices for their loving country. Events which include social gatherings and touch communications between the people may exclude from the celebrations of this year. However, according to some rumors, the prime minister of the UK is invited this year as a chief guest for the celebrations of Republic Day 2021, and a decision from this is still awaited from London.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MAE) stated that the president of the UK and the prime minister of India Narendra Modi had exchanged their thoughts about the difficult challenges posed by the pandemic and looked to the promising cooperation between India and UK. They had promised to look after the area of vaccine development and manufacturing. They decided to work in partnership with the focus on a range of areas which includes production and manufacturing of vaccines. There is still no clarity on the Republic Day celebrations of 2021.      


The year 2020 has already destroyed India’s health and wealth conditions, but slowly and steadily India is recovering from the loss that happened due to this pandemic situation with the help of our COVID worries. Which are the face of freedom fighters this year. We should try to indulge more and more efforts so that we can honor the Republic day of 2021 with one more freedom constitution and should try to make India’s economic and health conditions the same as before, the pride of India should never be robbed from any problematic situation. Being an Indian citizen we must follow in the footsteps of our great leaders. Who died by fighting for the freedom of our country India.              

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