How To Become a Yoga Teacher

How To Become a Yoga Teacher

Introduction for How To Become a Yoga Teacher

How To Become a Yoga Teacher, The definition of Yoga is very simple as it really. Actually, the term yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ” yoga ” which means to unite. One evaluation of this is The Unification of Atma With Parmatma. This is the Real Definition of Yoga and Yogic Activities.

It was the Origin of India. In ancient times people were used to doing Yogic Kriyas to have calmness and peace in their minds. These yogic Kriyas help them out in having a meaningful life with a sharp and concentrated mind as well.

Here we are talking about Yoga Teaching

Yoga Teaching is a Branch Of Education and Training that Deals with Teaching the Practices of Yoga with the module of Practical Teaching. More than 5000 years ago, Yoga has been started its journey as an Ancient Indian Science of exercise and healing to the students from proficient teachers (Guruji).

Their Module Of Yoga Teaching involves Oral Dictation and Physical Practice and Gestures. Yoga Teaching involves the yoga practices of specific postures (asanas), breath in and breath out exercises (pranayama), relaxation techniques(pratyahara and Dharana) and meditation (Dhyana), and Samadhi as well.

In Ancient Times

Yoga Teaching was the main Activity for healing up the persons who were mentally or physically disturbed somehow. Indeed, This Teaching Practice was proved as a best Medicine and therapy for the betterment of this kind of persons

In Modern Times

Yoga Teaching is also a very trending and emerging Branch of Education and Training. There is a Broad scope For this Yoga Teaching all over the world. People are ready to pay from thousands to Lacs per month to instruct them yogic practices to make themselves healthy, fit, and fine. There are enormous benefits of Yoga Practices/Yoga Training in daily life which gave a huge Raise to this Branch of Education and Training.

The main benefits of Yoga Activities in daily life are: It helps in increasing the flexibility of the human body along with the Enhancement in muscle strength and tone.  It also makes the respiratory organs much better with the help of respiration Practices and also makes you energetic. It also provides a balanced metabolism of the body along with weight reduction as well. And Yoga Teaching and practicing also help in Protecting ourselves from injuries and also provides healing in fewer time frames.

Eligibility and Educational Qualifications for the Bachelor degree or any equivalent diploma degree

  • Must be Passed 10th from any recognized board.
  • Must be Passed 12th from any recognized board with the subjects. Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics Science Stream/ Commerce Stream as well.
  • To become a Yoga Teacher, candidates must be a holder of the bachelor degree course or any equivalent diploma degree in this field.
  • Candidates can easily pursue diploma programs, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degree courses in the field of yoga Teaching, Education, and Training. 
  • Candidates can’t get Admission in any Yoga Teaching Course of Bachelor’s degree or Diploma program nature after 10 the standard. They must be passed 10+2  from the recognized board.

To get admission in Yoga Teaching courses, whether it is diploma degree or bachelor degree program,  Applicants can easily go through these courses, depending upon their preferences, just after passing 12th class with science stream with subjects as physics, chemistry, and mathematics or commerce stream/humanities stream as well.

After completing their 10+2 with a minimum aggregate of 50 percent marks, Candidates can apply for any of the bachelor’s degree courses or diploma degree programs in yoga Teaching.

Entry Routes for How To Become a Yoga Teacher

1). Diploma Courses in Yoga Teaching

Diploma Courses in yoga Teaching is a full-time diploma of the undergraduate level program in Yoga and Naturopathy Module program. The duration of this diploma program is 1 year that includes almost all of the Modules of Yoga Education and Training. The eligibility criterion for this diploma program is that candidates must be completed their 10+2 examination in any recognized stream with English as it’s a compulsory subject.  It’s a 1-year year diploma program that is covered in 2 semesters of six months each.

Applicants and Candidates must be proficient in English with proficient writing and speaking skills as well. Applicants and Candidates, who are willing to apply to this Diploma program must have basic and primary knowledge and practical training about yoga and its Yogic Kriyas, yogic Asanas, and Practices as well. Candidates are supposed to submit their full-body proper medical certificate, ensuring that the individual is physically, mentally, and socially fit to apply in this diploma program.

After completing this diploma program candidates can easily get their diploma certificate by the end of the semesters. Then they can work as yoga teachers/ Instructors anywhere throughout the world and they can also go for higher studies for bachelor degree courses and master degree courses as well.

The Average Course Fees Required to pursue the diploma program in yoga Teaching vary from INR 10,000 – 50,000.

Depending upon the type of Colleges and Institutions.

There is no Appropriate Entrance exam for the diploma program in Yoga Teaching, education and Training.  The Candidates and Applicants are selected based on the merit list system. This merit list is made based on the qualifying aggregate percentage of marks in the board examinations of the Candidates / Applicants. After completing their diploma certificate program candidates and Applicants can work as 

Registered Yoga Instructor, Yoga Programme Officer, Publication Officer ( Yoga Assistant), Assistant Research Officer,  Physical training Teachers in schools, Colleges and universities, etc. The Frequent Recruitment is done through the Hospitals, schools / Colleges/universities, Fitness Centres, Wellness Centres. They can also work as Freelancers and can deal with so many clients at the same point in time.

2). Bachelor Degree Route

There are two Kinds of Bachelor Degrees: 

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Yoga Teaching.
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Yoga Teaching.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Yoga Teaching

B. Sc. in Yoga Teaching and Education is a Three – year undergraduate Level program provided by many universities/Colleges for specialization and personalized experience in the education of Yoga or Yogic Practices along with the practical experience in Training. Candidates/Applicants after completing 12th or any other equivalent education in science stream with subjects: physics, chemistry, biology/Mathematics, and commerce/Humanities can apply for this bachelor’s degree.

B. A (Bachelor of Arts)  or B.Sc (Bachelor Of Science) in Yoga Education and Training is an interdisciplinary course that involves Theoretical knowledge of the yoga and Yogic Activities and the practical experience in yoga and Yogic Activities as well. Employment Opportunities for graduate candidates are available in the Medical Industry and the Health and Wellness industry at high packages.

There is a further subdivision of this Bachelor Degree Route :

  •  Private college Route.
  • Government/Public college Route.

1). Private College Route: The average course fees of B.A/B.S.C in yoga Teaching from private colleges starting from – 1 Lacs – 2 Lacs.

2). Government College Route (B.Sc/B.A in Yoga Teaching): The average course fees of B.A/B.Sc in Yoga Teaching from public/Government colleges varies from 1 Lacs – 2 Lacs (without hostel charges). Seeking candidates, For getting admission in Top government institutions have to get in their mind clear that they must have a good aggregate of percentage marks in their board examinations.

There are no entrance examinations for the candidates and Applicants who want to pursue their career in the field of yoga Teaching through bachelor degree programs such as B.A/B.Sc. There are some of the Institutions that are offering Bachelor’s degrees in Yoga Teaching are NIPS ( Noble Institute of Professional Studies ), New Delhi, Aacharya Academy, Jodhpur, Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, University, etc.

After completing their bachelor’s degrees in Yoga Teaching, Candidates and Applicants can easily work as trainers/instructors, yoga therapists, yoga teachers, physical Training teachers in educational institutions, yoga, health and wellness centers/as personal trainers/Instructors, etc.

3). Master Degree Route

M.A/M.Sc/Ph.D. in Yoga Teaching and Education is a 2-year postgraduate level degree course that can be pursued after completing the Bachelor’s degree. The course is subdivided into 4 semesters. The average fees for the masters of yoga teaching vary from 2 – 3 laces depending upon the educational programs and concerned institution.

Eligibility: The basic eligibility for pursuing M.A/M.Sc/Ph.D. in Yoga Teaching degree is a Completion of a bachelor’s degree in Yoga Teaching or any equivalent bachelor’s degree from any recognized university/college with a minimum of 50% marks in Bachelor’s degree. 

Admission Process and Entrance Examination

The Applicants and Candidates can have access to the necessary information and details regarding the Admission process, Eligibility, and other criteria from the official website of the concerned Institution/college.

Applicants and Candidates have to fill their Application form which can be downloaded through the official website of the concerned Institution or college. And then submit it. Afterward, the candidate has to go through the written test which may be of the objective or subjective type of combination of both.

Written multiple/subjective Test includes Personal Interview based on marks scored by the candidates in the written test and aggregate percentage got in the 10+2 examination.

Placement as Yoga Teacher  

After completing their master’s degree or Ph.D., candidates and Applicants can work as trainers/instructors, yoga therapists, yoga teachers, physical Training teachers in educational institutions, yoga, health, and wellness centers/as personal trainers/Instructors, etc. They can easily earn high packages per annum

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