Physiotherapist Introduction

Physiotherapist, Here we discuss Physiotherapist Carrer. So you can choose the field of Physiotherapy where you will get a great job. If you want to make your career in the medical field. So you can choose the field of physiotherapy where you will get a great job and a golden opportunity to groom your career. How to make a career in this field, what course to do to become a physiotherapist and which institutes are there which will give you better platforms for this course. We are going to give you this information in today’s article.

Physiotherapy is a type of physical therapy. During this treatment, injuries to the body or bones are treated. This therapy is done under the supervision of a physiotherapy expert. During this treatment, a little bit of drug is being used. The first treatment is orthopedic to cure the injury or broken bones in the body and the procedure that is done to normalize it and to move the body part as before. This is performed by physiotherapists. Many times the injury to bones and muscles is treated without any chronic or plaster and this work is done with the help of physiotherapy.

How to Make your Career in Physiotherapy?

In the field of medicine, there is a great demand for physiotherapists or physiotherapy exports. The way the population in our country is increasing in the same way, the number of patients is increasing. Given this, the posts of doctors and experts in many hospitals are also getting vacant. This is the reason you can make a good career in the field of medicine by doing this course. If you take training under the supervision of a hospital or an experienced doctor for a long time, you can open your clinic later. After taking a physiotherapy course, you can easily get a job in hospitals, orthopedic departments, rehabilitation centers for the handicapped, government hospitals and clinics, NGOs, sports teams, gym fitness centers, and rehabilitation centers.

How to do a Physiotherapy Course?

To make a career in physiotherapy, first of all, you must take a BPT course. BPT has a full form of Bachelor in Physiotherapy, after doing this course you can also study Master in this field. A diploma course in Physiotherapy, also called MPT, is also available. The DPT (diploma) course is for 2 years. If you do BPT then it may take 4 years. After doing this course, you have to do an internship that is done by your institute. As soon as you finish an internship, you can get a job in any hospital or clinic very easily.

DPT Course Details

The full name of DPT is a Diploma in Physiotherapy. For this, the required qualification is the 12th pass from PCM or PCB. This is a diploma course. Its duration is 2 years. The fees for this course range from 40 to 60 thousand per year.

BPT Course Details

The full name of BPT is Bachelor in Physiotherapy. It is a four-year degree course. The duration of this course is 4 years. After this, an internship of 6 months is also to be completed. Its fees range from 50 to 70 thousand per annum. For this, the required qualification is the 12th pass from PCM or PCB.

MPT Course Detail

The MPT course is also called Master in Physiotherapy. This is a two-year course. The required qualification for this is BPT. Its fees can range from 50 to 70 thousand per year. After this, you can also go to the field of teaching by doing a PhD

Master of Physiotherapy, in this two-year course you can specialize in an equivalent subject. It can also specialize in Neurological Physiotherapy, Pediatric Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Obsectrix Physiotherapy, Post Operative Phyphysiotherapy, Cardiovascular Physiotherapy, etc. Which will be very beneficial for your physiotherapy career.

Best College for a Physiotherapy course

  • Indian Institute of Health and Education Research, Patna
  • Apollo, Physiotherapy College, Hyderabad
  • Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh
  • Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Tamil Nadu
  • SDM College of Physiotherapy, Karnataka
  • KJ Soumya College of Physiotherapy, Mumbai
  • Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, Telangana
  • Hamdard Institute of Medical Science and Research, New Delhi
  • Banaras Hindu University, Banaras
  • Guru Govind Indraprastha University, Gurgaon
  • Himalayan Institute of Medical Science, Dehradun

Physiotherapist Syllabus




Exercise therapy
Research and Biostatistics
Pathology and Microbiology


  • Physiotherapy in orthopedics
  • Physiotherapy in cardiorespiratory
  • Orthopedics clinical 
  • General medicine
  •  General surgery

Final year

  • Physiotherapy in neurology
  • Clinical neurology
  • Community-based rehabilitation
  • Community medicine

These are the subjects we covered in the syllabus, it may vary according to university.

Different fields where you can work after doing Physiotherapy Cours

Rehabilitation Homes
Old Age Homes
Health center
School & Children Centers
Nursing Homes and Day Centers
Charity organization
Sports Clinic, Club, Gym Centers
Army services

Average Salary of Physiotherapist

Salary                                  ₹120k – ₹972k
Bonus                                  ₹2k – ₹196k
Profit-Sharing                     ₹106 – ₹101k
Commission                        ₹24k – ₹198k
Total Pay                             ₹124k – ₹1m

Popular Employer Salaries for Physiotherapist in a different hospital

Columbia Asia                 ₹320k
Apollo Hospitals              ₹465k
Apollo Group, Inc.           ₹270k

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