Indian Farmer Essay

Indian Farmer Essay

Indian Farmer Essay, Farmers of India have already played a very vital role in the development of the country and its heritage. A farmer generally spends a very hard life. The basic work of a farmer is seemed crops, grain, vegetables, and fruits, to feed the citizens of India. The people of India should respect their farmers and should provide them with an important place in the country. Agriculture is the most important source of income as well as the oldest profession in India since the ancient medieval read. India is having a large number of farmers with a good connection to Mother, earth.

Food is one of the main resources to survive on Earth for almost all living organisms including human beings. The life of humans. Beings, seem almost impossible without food on earth. A farmer connects the food chain with human beings given by mother nature. They use natural resources to grow crops and grains which provide energy to Indian citizens and indirectly help to grow the GDP of India. In India, over 70% of families’ expenses depend on agriculture and farming. Especially that of the ruler households. The sector of Agricultural and farming employs about 60% of the total population of India. The contribution of agriculture and farming to the GDP of India is about 17 % in total. 

What are Indian farmers?

The one who grows crops to feed Indian citizens is known as Indian Farmers. They work day and night to grow life-giving food for the other human beings and animals living on the earth. A farmer helps to feed the nation and regulates the country’s economic conditions and helps maintain the balance in the ecosystem, agriculture, and nature. Organic farming done by Indian farmers helps in establishing and replenishing the fertility in the soil.

Good and fertile soil can help remove carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, increasing global warming. Hence, soil and its fertility help reduce the global warming effect by reducing the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It happens so because millions of bacteria are present In fertile soil which intake carbon dioxide and hence reduces its quantity present in the atmosphere.

Importance of farmers in India

Farmers are one of the very much important members of our society. We cannot describe their contribution to humanity in just some words. They provide us with food and fibre. They also give us the nutrition that we need to grow up. Farmers are very hardworking and lead a simple life. Their contribution to the GDP of the country is economically vital as compared to other professions. They have to bring a lot of foreign exchange to our country by growing crops which a letter on exported to other countries. Working on land throughout the year is not an easy job to do only some dedicated farmers could able to do it properly.

When they invest their everything in farming they also take the risk for us there may any natural disaster can occur and risk their farming which means a lot to them. Agriculture employs almost 60% of the population of India. Farmers also Jo animal husbandry, fisheries, and forestry, which also helped to grow India’s GDP by about 15.4% in the last four consecutive years. government is making assumptions that the field of agriculture and animal husbandry would contribute up to 40 to 50% of the country’s GDP in some upcoming years. The beginning of civilization started with the occupation of farming in the world 

Life of an Indian farmer

An Indian farmer needs a very simple life. Everything we get to eat in the whole world is only because of our hard-working farmers. Their occupation is very simple they do hard work to grow, crops through, the process of agriculture. Farmers from all over the world work day and night to grow healthy crops to feed the country and also contribute to the country’s GDP. They wake up early in the morning somehow between 4 to 5 o’clock.

After that, they plough the land and sow seeds into the ground. They opt to choose the crops according to the seasons and the climatic conditions of the particular area where they, have to grow the crops. After sowing the seeds they take care of the field and protect them from floods and anything disastrous. They do irrigation, and when Little Seedling starts growing into new plants, they take care of their field day and night. They eventually struggle a lot to grow their crops which are as valuable as gold to them. They protect the little crops from animals like cows, horses, sheep, goats, and many other herbivores animals that can feed on the baby crops before the period of maturation.

Once the crops are fully grown they do harvesting which means cutting down crops before they start rotting in the fields and may become a pile of waste in the future. Once the crops are harvested they separate the useful parts of the crops from the extra products which they give to feed to their domestic animals like bulls, cows, and horses. After separating the useful grain from the crop they store them safely in a big, cool, dry, and good room known as a granary and used to store food. After all the procedure they go to the market and fix the rate of the crops to the retailer and sells the extra amount of crop which they have grown by their hard work. They keep some amount of the crop for the personal use of their family.

Efforts of the Indian government in favour of farmers

We all know that the financial conditions of the farmers of India are not polite to them. This is the main reason why the death rates in Indian farmers had increased in some last consecutive years. Almost 80% of the Indians are farmers who are below the poverty line in India. That is why they had to face a lot of challenges in their financial sector.  The poor farmers of India take a loan from rich people or money lenders on high-interest rates on behalf of the land and if something unfortunate happens to their fields and crops.

Indian Farmer Essay, They became devastated by the heavy load of the loan which they have been taken. At last, they decide to end their good gifted life due to lack of money. By considering all these kinds of scenarios of the poor and underprivileged farmers, the government of India has taken several steps to help the farmers and to reduce the suicide death rates of Indian farmers. Some of the initiatives started by the Indian government are

  • Food Security Act was launched in 2013.
  • Reforms of tenancy 
  • Minimum support price and procurement pricing system 
  • Land reforms
  • Providing ruler farmers with the credit to do farming according to their choice 
  • Regulations of higher rents
  • Publication distribution system 

And many more are there.


Indian Farmer Essay, Farmers are the backbone of our country and its economy. We should respect the farmers of our country. We should appreciate their hard work and dedication towards their work. We should always try to help them. We should never forget that without them we would not be able to taste so many delicious foods which satisfy our hunger, keep us the full whole day and give us energy, vitamins, and minerals to work the whole day long and grow into a strong and smart adult. We should also not forget that one of our former prime ministers Lal Bahadur Shastri stated the slogan of “Jai jawan Jai Kisan” during the battle of India from Pakistan when there was a huge scarcity of food he motivated Indian farmers from his words. Later on, this slogan becomes massively popular among the countrymen of India.

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