Speech on Republic Day 2024

Speech on Republic Day

Greetings for Speech on Republic Day

Good Morning Everyone!! First I would like to wish you all Happy Republic Day. Today I am feeling gratitude for being an Indian citizen of this proud country India. A very grand thank you to all my teachers who choose me to present a speech on this special location in front of you all on this patriotic topic.

Your Introduction

Before I do start my Speech on Republic Day I would like to introduce myself to all of you present here today because of course, you all are going to listen to me for 30 to 40 minutes. So I think first I need to tell you my name and some general details. My name is (your name), and I do read in class (your class and section). I am (your age) years old. 

Introduction of the Speech on Republic Day

Today we will celebrate the 74th republic day of our proud country India. greetings to everyone for this special day. Being an independent country India is our pride and we are proud citizens of such a country. Today on this special occasion we should pray to God for the well-being of the citizens of our country and economy. We cannot deny and forget the prestigious amount of sacrifices made by our ancestors and forefathers. We should never forget that India is a united country and the spirit of nationalism is inborn in every citizen of India. Today through the power of my speech we will commemorate some of our country’s precious role models so that we can cherish and praise there will power and sacrifices made for the country.


It was the year 1950 and the date was January 26 the first time the constitution of India came into effect by the government of India at that time. Since then we celebrate this day on January 26. The independence of India was declared by the Indian National Congress in the year 1992. Since then we have called Bheemrao Ambedkar the father of the constitution of India. This day is one of the most important national days in India. Every year on this day a grand parade is held on the Rajpath of Delhi to celebrate this festival and the flag is inferred by the president of the country who is known as the first citizen of the country. This festival holds and unites the spirit of unity in diversity and shows its rich cultural heritage on the day of the grand parade at Rajpath in Delhi. Many people made many sacrifices to achieve the celebrations for the country.


Celebrating Republic Day for our country should not be only limited to the grand parade held in Rajpath. It should not be only limited to the hosting of the flag. it should not be only limited to the distribution of sweets among the citizens of the country. We should praise our ancestors for giving us such a free and United country and we should make more and more efforts to make India a better place to live.

We should work together to make its economic conditions more strong and more favourable so that we can help others too. We already know that our country is the finest, but we also have to make sure that we are making our country the strongest one. to achieve these goals for our country, we have to work together and show the world how the power of unity in diversity works. Thank you to all my friends and teachers for having me on this stage today.

Thank You…..

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