Everyone has a dream in life to become a big man by education and to brighten some name in life, some people want to become an engineer in life, some want to become a doctor and people want to become a lawyer but they do not understand how to become. Today in this article, we will tell you how to become an advocate; we will give you complete information about becoming an advocate.

It is not a big deal to be a lawyer (Vakil), it is necessary to be the best and capable advocate every year, many people start studying law, and that only a few lawyers can advocate a better one, than a lawyer i.e. advocates. Before knowing how to become, you need to know what this LLB is. What is the benefit of doing it? What is the full form of it? What is the qualification required to do it?

What is LLB?

The full form of LLB is Legume Baccalaureus, which is a Latin language word for Bachelor of Laws. It is also a Bachelor’s degree which we can do after passing the 12th class. If you want to know more about the Law of India and want to build your career by serving people, then it is a good option to do LLB.

If any innocent gets caught or is imprisoned, then you can save him by fighting in his favor, which we also call a lawyer. The lawyers of our country know everything about the law, so if we want information about anything legal, then we call a lawyer and he tells us about the proceedings of law. After studying LLB you become a lawyer, after this, you can also become a judge in the court.


  • English (Communication)
  • Law of TORT including Consumer Protection Laws and M. V. Act
  • Legal Methods
  • Principles of Economics
  • Political Science: An Introduction
  • Sociology: An Introduction
  • Constitutional Law
  • Jurisprudence
  • Criminal law
  • Economic Development and Policy
  • Law in Changing Society: Contemporary Issues and Prospects
  • Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
  • Family Law 
  • Contract Law 
  • Corporate Law 

Better and New careers in advocacy

Environmental Lawyer

Environment Law talks about protecting those things from being destroyed by nature. Public interest litigation is often filed in these cases, for which there is a demand for people skilled in environmental law. Apart from this, in such NGOs, there is a demand for such people, who are struggling with issues related to the environment.

Cyber ​​Lawyer

At this time, cases related to online and cybercrime are also coming to light in the country. This includes sending fake and threatening emails, fraud with companies, software piracy, SMS hacking, mobile cloning, etc. Given all this, much attention has been given to the computer and network security. You also have a golden opportunity to become a computer and digital forensic expert.

Patent and Copyright Lawyer

A patent is an arrangement under which a monopoly is given to the product produced by any discovery. If a third party wants to make that product, then it has to take a license and pay a royalty on it. Intellectual property has emerged as a major area of ​​business competition. There is a lot of demand for professionals related to this in India too.

Labour Lawyer

Labour law has been enacted to empower the employees and to solve their problems. These days, problems related to this area are in large numbers in the court. You can make a better career in this too.

International Lawyer

Under this, the problems arising between the national interests of various nations are resolved by law. If you have good English and are interested in international events, then this area is suitable for you.

Corporate Lawyer

Their main task is to solve tax problems and other types of problems during different types of industry trades. There is a great demand for such experts in corporate sectors.

How to get admission in law?

Take Entry through Common Postgraduate Test from CLAT

if you want to get a law graduate degree from a good institution in the country after intermediate, then you have to pass the CLAT exam. The 11 National Law Universities in the country conduct entrance exams to do law graduation. You can take admission to one of these universities.

Postgraduate program

one can also get admission to the Master of Law (LLM) bypassing the CLAT exam. The same law graduates are eligible to appear in the entrance examination, who have secured an LLB degree with 55 percent marks. If you have a minimum of 55 percent marks, then you can take admission to the PG course.

Undergraduate program

the same students bypassing for the CLAT examination, who have passed class XII examination from a government recognized board or institute with 50% marks from any stream. SC, ST candidates must have 45% marks.

What is the pattern of the test paper of undergraduate course law?

The question paper in the undergoes the graduate course is of two hundred marks, in which questions are asked from English, GS, Mathematics, Legal Knowledge, Logical Reasoning. PG question paper will also be of two hundred marks, in which objective, short answer, essay questions are asked. To improve this, you must prepare in advance.

Salary                   ₹142k – ₹2m
Bonus                   ₹9k – ₹206k
Profit-Sharing     ₹72 – ₹306k
Total Pay              ₹195k – ₹2m

Avg. Salary

Corporate                                ₹628,571
Legal Compliance                  ₹496,372
Legal Document Review      ₹628,828
Contract Negotiation            ₹850,000
Mergers and Acquisitions    ₹700,000

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