Marketing in a Digital World

Marketing in a Digital World

Introduction of the Course

Marketing in a digital world is an online beginner-level course about digital marketing. This course is very well-liked on Coursera which is a digital platform for learners with the comfort of their home. The course is being offered by the side of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Over 250,000 students are connected with this course nowadays. The course was launched in the year 2015 to make student’s concepts clear in the field of digital marketing.

The syllabus of this course was currently updated in April 2020 to improve the course and make it more Clear for the learners. This course is listed among the top 50 MOOCs courses of forever which denotes that course is having a great industrial future ahead. This course provides information to the students about terms and phrases like 3D painting, the transition to a digital world, marketing in a digital age, the Importance of software, mobile marketing, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for the Course

There is no high amount of criteria for doing this course. The only criteria are that you at least have to be a graduate (10+2+3) from any stream whatever you like to enroll in online courses related to digital marketing offered by Indian institutions or universities. There is no restriction for the students from any stream to enroll in this course. Students from arts, commerce, and science or anything equivalent to that can enroll for this course.   

What are the Entrance Exams for the Course?

There are no such entrance exams announced for this course. But some other digital marketing courses are available which needs to first crack one of the entrance exams like XAT, SNAP, MAT, CMAT, etc. Hence, it would be recommended to students to crack any of the entrance exams to keep their foundation stronger in the field of digital marketing-related courses but it’s not a compulsion for this course only being a graduate will also run.

Syllabus of the Course

The syllabus of this course is designed in such a way that students will get advanced knowledge about digital marketing from the basic one. The syllabus of the course is divided into 4 weeks.

Course Overview and How Digital Tools are Changing Product (Week 1)

The first week introduces the students to the topic or course along with the basic knowledge of the digital tools and their uses. The first week of the course covers almost all the basic information about the course to make the foundation of knowledge among the students stronger and clear.

How Digital Tools are Changing Promotion (Week 2)

In this week students get to learn about how new digital tools are engaging more and more customers and how the process of promotion is increasing at a higher rate with new digital tools.

How Digital Tools are Changing Placement (Week 3)

Here the complete information is provided about how new digital tools are setting a benchmark in the field of the retail industry and helping to increase the reach of products to more and more customers

How Digital Tools are Changing Price (Week 4)

This module is all about how customers are searching prices online and enabling them to set their prices for the various products. Everything based here is on a price overview.

Things You Will Learn From The Course

Successful completion of this course will provide you a package of digital knowledge about

  • The key basic knowledge of the digital marketing field and proper applications of marketing principles in the digital marketing world.
  • Makes you feel familiar with the term technologies, terminology, analytics, promotion, etc.
  • To understand, conceptualize, and resolve the problems related to online businesses with the help of materials associated with digital marketing tools.
  • Makes you effortlessly skillful in the field of digital marketing with specialized topics and presentation ideas which helps you to seek the attention of customers.
  • Gives you the knowledge to deal with evaluation and complication of ethical and professional issues related to digital marketing and to enhance the customer support system to which helps to reach more and more audiences.
  • Enhancement of dealing capacity with digital marketing-related problems and leaves you with a great knowledge of support systems like digital tools.

Opportunities in Job Sector

There are huge opportunities for persons who are digital marketing learners. They can start their own business in e-commerce, video or audio studio, copywriting and editing, etc. They can also get hired by the top reputed companies in the job role of Marketing Manager, CRM manager, Digital Account Manager, Digital Director, Digital Integrated copywriter, or many more.

Top Recruitment Companies

To get hired by top recruiting companies you have to complete all the digital marketing-related courses. This will provide you the complete knowledge about digital marketing and then you can apply to these mentioned below top recruiting companies to get paid an attractive salary package.

  2. IBM
  3. HIBU
  8. COM

These are some of the top hiring companies that recruit digital marketers with a good salary package. Since this field is new there is a lot of scope in the future for this type of course and digital marketing students as we know the world is growing digitally.

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