Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineering


The robot is an AC self-controlled re-programmable multipurpose machine that is commonly used for industrial automation applications or for various tasks, with or without locomotion. Where humans have been left behind in terms of physical abilities in robots, now robots can save humans even in the matter of brain work.

In many countries of the world, robots are becoming an important part of life andRobotics Engineering industry business. Robots are seen in many places in the restaurant, some robots are working to lift food plates and clean the plates, serve food, and lift weights. Many companies in the world, such as Japan’s Soft Bank Corp., are developing robots that work like human brains. This Robot can work as an Engineer, Soldier, Professor, Editor, Computer Engineer Accountant, and Salesman to do a variety of tasks. People divide the robot into 2 parts Industrial robots, service robots. The number of service robots is increasing rapidly.

The American company Automation Investor aims to create 3 million robots by 2020, which will be 5 times its current capacity. These robots can work almost as well as humans can. Through cognitive technology, one can think like a person and through analytics, one can do calculations, their productivity is also about 4 times higher than humans as well as their calculations are more accurate.

A robot can do the work of at least 3 men, it is noteworthy that currently, the highest working robot in the world is in Japan, where their number is about 3.50 lakh, America has 1,68,623 Germany has 1.75 lakh and China has more than one lakh, the number of robots in India is more than 16000. In the US, the robot industry is growing at a speed of 72% in the last 10 years, these figures can only be gauged by how bright the employment potential in this sector is.

Essential Eligibility for Robotics Engineering

It is very important for students who want to pursue a career in robotics engineering to have creative abilities. It is very important for students to have new discoveries and always be keen to do something new.

Students are required to have mastered mathematics. Students desirous of becoming robotics engineers must pass a good number in Mathematics and Physics in the 12th standard.

How to Become a Robotics Engineer

What to do first to become a Robotics Engineer?

Involve Mathematics and Physics compulsorily in 12th standard and also score good marks in them. After this, she gets BE or B.Tech degree in Computer Engineering.

If you want, you can also get an engineering degree in electronics or electricals. After getting all the required degrees, try to get admission in high tech institutes in robotics engineering.

Robotics Engineering Syllabus

Engineering Sciences Course
Electronic Devices and Digital Circuits
Design of Machine Elements

Strength of Machine Elements
Automatic Control Systems
Kinematics of Machines
Basics of Automation & Robotics
Electronics Measurement & Instrumentation
Flexible Manufacturing System
Power Electronics
Advanced Robotics
Microprocessors and controllers
Engineering Measurement
Hydraulic & Pneumatic
Department Elective-I
Electronics Measurement & Instrumentation
Flexible Manufacturing System
Power Electronics
Advanced Robotics
Microprocessors & Controllers
Engineering Measurement
Hydraulic & Pneumatic
Department Elective-I
Elective Courses
Programming Industrial Automation Systems
Sensors and Signal
Industrial Safety

Special Areas of Robotics Engineering:

Micro Robotics
Bio Cybernetics
Design and Control
Signal Processing
Robot Manipulator
Computer Integrated Manufacturing System
Robot Motion Planning
Computational Geometry
Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Air Traffic Management System
Artificial Intelligence

Admissions to the programs are given on the basis of national, state or university level examinations. Students get colleges for admission on the basis of rank secured by them in the entrance examination.

Robotics Engineering Career and Jobs

“There is a huge range of job opportunities for aspiring candidates in this field”

After completing a degree course in this field, you can do research in manufacturing, maintenance, nuclear power plants, and many other fields. Due to the advancement of technology, this robotics technology is used in space exploration, power plant maintenance, automobile industry, petroleum exploration sites, etc.


There are many job opportunities for robotics engineers in India as well as abroad. In Robotics M Tech degree holders can find job opportunities in space research organizations like ISRO and also in microchip-making industries.

  • They can work in robot manufacturing factories. Robot engineers who work for robot manufacturers are sometimes called robotics test engineers or automation systems engineers.
  • You can also get a job to build robots for various industries like appliances and electronics buildings, food packaging, etc.
  • you can also choose teaching work in various government and private universities.

Salary                      ₹147k – ₹4m
Bonus                      ₹9k – ₹498k
Profit-Sharing       ₹5k – ₹950k
Total Pay                ₹152k – ₹5m

Robotics Engineering Average Salary

Robotics ₹413,524
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) / Automation ₹450,000
Engineering Design ₹250,000
C++ Programming Language ₹500,000
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) ₹325,000

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