B Arch (Bachelors of Architecture)

B Arch (Bachelors of Architecture)

Overview of the B Arch (Bachelors of Architecture)

The word Architecture stands for practical application of the terms in the construction of buildings, bridges, and several other monuments. B.Arch. stands for bachelors of architecture which is a five years program for students who are interested in the field of the architect. It is a full-time course. This particular course consists of 10 semesters evenly distributed in five years of duration. Each year consists of two semesters. The duration of a semester is of 6 months. The subjects of this course are mainly originated from the fields of engineering and calculus-based mathematics is though to the students to calculate the accuracy of the danger zone fields and buildings along with the monuments which they have to design according to this profession.

The syllabus of this 5 years bachelor’s degree in Architecture course mainly commences with some topics like interior designing, urban & rural planning, history & Pedagogy, construction management, architecture theory, landscape designing, and transport planning. Students after completing this architecture program are eligible to do some sort of internship with architecture firms. They can also join the company of some professional architects as a junior assistant to grow their practical knowledge and experience in the work field. After completing this course students can go for a master’s degree course according to their choice in this field.

This field gives some proper knowledge about the study of schedule management and designing, aesthetics, safety management, management of material and workload pressure, e.t.c. An architect is a person or we can say a professional who can build the basic infrastructure of the society according to a middle class, upper class, and lower class people and families to provide them a comfortable living experience and a great surrounding infrastructure.

Why you should go for the Bachelor of Architecture course?

The reason to go for the course can be the skills you will gain in this course is it definitely going to help you in your future if you are interested in the field of Architecture. You are surely not going to regret after choosing the scores because this course comprises of various skills like detailed drawings of plans with hands and also via computers. The course also gives you the ability to work individually. The course also includes the skills of teamwork to you so you may work with professionals comfortably in future. Laws of planning are also taught to students and an idea of current ongoing designs of buildings along with materials are given to students to increase their productivity and creativity which on other hand re-energizes their interests. Various other different kinds of problem-solving skills are also taught to the students.

What are the benefits of pursuing this course?

Various kinds of benefits are there for the students who pursue this course. First of all, students who wish to pursue a professional degree course can go for this course. The skills associated with this course are amazing in their own kind for the students and of course, this kind of skills you are not going to find in any other course in such a short period of time all the proper calculating and practical knowledge of architects. There’s also a lot of scope in the future because the country is developing day by day and India is a developing country itself so the need for architecture in the future is going to increase in upcoming some years. Architecture and its profession are also going to be in great demand in the future. The salary of an architect is also good in practical terms and conditions of daily life.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to get admission to Bachelor of Architecture?

Eligibility criteria for this course are that a student must have to pass the secondary and higher secondary examination with at least by securing 50% marks in subjects like physics, chemistry, maths and also 50% marks in all the subjects. Then only they will be eligible to give entrance exams to get admission to the Architecture program. 

Entrance Exams for this Course

Some of the top and most popular entrance exams for admission to bachelor in Architecture courses are 

  • National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA)
  • JEE Mains and Advance

Some of the institutions and universities also take their own interview rounds and entrance examinations to give admission s to the students according to their own rules and regulations which are planned and conducted by their own college authorities.

Admission Process for this Course

The selection of students for the colleges is based on the rank or we can see the result which students get after giving the entrance test examinations. A list known as merit list is out by the exam conducting bodies like NTA according to which students get their respective colleges based on their performance in the entrance test examinations. after the selection of the college’s students have to go to their respective college to visit on. There they have to ask for the admission forms then they have to fill up that admission form and must have to submit it with all their proper identification documents along with the rank sheet and results of entrance examinations through which they have got the college. Then they have to submit the admission fees and other extra demanded fees by the colleges and here the process of admission completed for this course.

Average Fee Structure of the B Arch (Bachelors of Architecture)

In India, 2 lakhs per year is the average fee structure for the course of Bachelors in Architecture. Note the fee structure may change according to the scholarships which the students gain depending upon their performance in the entrance examinations and also in 10 +2 examinations. They may have to pay all or structure of fees if they got a government college or otherwise they may have to pay a high range of fees if they got a private college.

Job Roles offer to B Arch (Bachelors of Architecture)

Job roles offered to bachelor’s and architecture graduates are as follows :

  • Professional architecture
  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Historic building inspector
  • Structural engineer
  • Building surveyor 
  • Town planner
  • Production designer

Average Salary of B.Arch Graduates in India

The average salary of Bachelors in Architecture graduates is always going to increase with their increasing experience which they will gain in this field but if we talk about the starting average salary of a bachelors in Architecture graduate then it ranges somehow in between 4 lakhs to 5 lacs per annum in India. 

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