B.Des (Bachelor of Design)

B.Des. (Bachelor of Design)

Bachelor of Design (B.Des) or B.Des. is a well-known undergraduate degree in the design field. A B.Des degree is a four-year full-time study that is available in a variety of specialties such as Graphic Designing, Interior Developing, Jewellery Designing, Textile Customizing, and many more.

The B.Des degree has grown through time and is now available in a variety of design specializations such as Logo Design, Media Developing, VFX Design, Visual Interaction, and Game Developing. This broadens the scope of the B.Des. degree by providing job chances, opportunities in numerous industries, and new technological learning.

The curriculum includes CAD, CAM, product design, marketing, specialization-specific subjects, professional courses, optional subjects, and personality and developing skills subjects. Students pursuing a B.Des program gain experience in the design profession through internships, events, and exhibitions at both the national and international levels.

Eligibility for a B.Des. (Bachelor of Design)

The bachelor of design program has evolved over time by including new areas in its curriculum such as material design, graphic design, product branding, and so on. As a result, there is a certain qualifying condition that must be met in order to be admitted to the B.Des. program.

  • Finishing class XII in any stream: Ambitious applicants can instantly enroll in a B.Des course if they have finished from a recognized educational board, by direct admission to universities, or through other entrance and counseling processes.
  • Diploma in design: Students who have finished an AICTE-accredited diploma course in design may pursue a B.Des.

Admissions to the B.Des. (Bachelor of Design)

Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) Admission at various governmental and private colleges across India is done by several entrance examinations such as SEED, AIEED, DAT, and so on. For B.Des admission in institutes like NID and NIFT, the age requirement is 20 years and 23 years, respectively. Students that meet the entrance exam benchmark can gain admission to a good college.

Design Skills That Make You the Best Designer

Bachelor of Design is a lucrative subject that has generated several well-known designers. The following are some of the common skills that an aspirant may see in all of these outstanding designers:

  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Complete understanding of the most recent design tools
  • The capability of meeting deadlines
  • The ability to think beyond the box
  • Excellent idea generation abilities

Scope of B.Des. (Bachelor of Design)

M.Des, or Master of Design, is a two-year postgraduate program that trains individuals in fields such as User Experience & Motion Graphics, Structural Engineering, and Visual Interaction, among others. The MDes curriculum is divided into four semesters.

The first three focus on theoretical themes, while the final focus is on an internship or industrial dissertations. Admission to these programs is based on entrance tests such as NIFT, IICD, CEED, and so on.

Salary for a B.Des. (Bachelor of Design)

As a Fashion Designer, you can expect to make between Rs. 2 and 3 lacs per year as a starting income. You can start earning Rs. 6 to 7 lacs per year if you have a solid position and experience.

Each job has a separate wage package based on experience and skills. A fashion designer’s income will vary depending on a variety of criteria such as working location, applicant certification, recruiter, expertise, functioning skills, and so on.

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