B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education)

B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education)

Overview of the Course

B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education) program is intensively focused and designed in such a way to grant and improve teaching skills among the people who dreamt to be a teacher. The duration of this course is 4 years. The last one year of this course is even considered as the practical period for the students where they have to teach in schools for the last 1 year of their college to attain the practical knowledge of what they have studied in last 3 years after this practical internship they get certified.

B.El.Ed Full form is Bachelor of Elementary Education. This degree leads you to the education sector where you could find a lot of career options and job opportunities. B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education) is affordable to maximum students and good to build your career as a teacher. This course is also good to develop your personality and helps you gain knowledge about children, their mindset and how to educate people or various related terms. The education sector is becoming versatile day by day hence growing scopes, salary advantages for newly formed teachers, and higher salary packages for experienced or highly qualified professionals. Some Universities conduct their own scheduled entrance exam to select the right deserving candidate for their college or this profession.

Eligibility Criteria for the B.El.Ed

If you are searching for admission to B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education) Programmed you ought to have surpassed the higher secondary examination or classification XII or equal from either C.B.S.E (Central Board of Secondary examination) or any other board examination considered as equal to C.B.S.E a mixture of 50% marks in the qualifying examination and have scored at least minimum pass over marks in each and all of the 4 subjects.

A written offline take a look at based totally on MCQ are conducted from the authorities of some Universities or colleges. It is a must-have requirement that the applicant has studied and cleared all topics like Hindi/English, Maths, Science, Social Science in both categories 12th and 10th. The questions proposed in the MCQ test are normally based on the syllabus of type 12th and 10th board examinations.

B.El.Ed Admission Procedure

There is a proper admission procedure offered by the college authority which includes several terms and conditions followed by an entrance examination which is later on followed by the counseling process and after that student or we can say a deserving candidate is got selected. After the completion of all this entrance test procedure students have to submit their documents to the college and the admission fee to the college to take the admission.

It is advisable if he or she is trying to take admission in a desirable college they must talk with some of the ex-students and most of the above they should definitely check the official website of the desired college they want to pursue their course with and the opportunities and internships they offered to their students.

Scope in this B.El.Ed Field

After the successful completion of this course, the person can apply their resume as a role job for a teacher in government as well as the private sector. They can also apply for government jobs for the role of a teacher by cracking government exams for teaching jobs according to the vacancies released from time to time. Apart from being an elementary school teacher, you can also try different occupations in the field of education like education consultant, academic coordinator, academic coach and they can also work with various teaching organizations according to their choice.

B.El.Ed Average Fees Structure

If we talk about the fee structure of the course then it is comparatively Less than any other course which is in demand nowadays. The average fee structure of the course bachelors in elementary education ranges from 20,000 to 1.2 lakh rupees per annum. Note that the fee structure of the course varies from college to college depending upon the factors, ranking, and reputation of the college in the field of education. For government colleges, it may take a very less amount to complete a four years bachelor’s in elementary education course but for private colleges, it may become slightly high.

B.El.Ed Syllabus 

The syllabus of the course is divided into 19 theory topics which the students or we can say would-be teachers have to complete in 4 years.

In the first year of this course students interact with the theory topics which are based on child development, nature of language, core mathematics, core natural and social sciences and art and crafts, tutorials, and many academic enrichment activities also so done.

When it comes to the second year of the course theoretical subjects like cognition and learning language acquisition human relations and communications language are introduced to students in the theory part along with that some of the liberal courses like physics, chemistry, maths, biology, political science, economics, geography, etc, and art & craft tutorials and activities enrichment are designed for students to achieve a good academic knowledge about the education sector.

The third-year comprises the syllabus which is divided into the theory part, liberal courses part, practicum, and some other and academic enrichment activities.

The last and the fourth year consist of subjects like curriculum studies, gender, and schooling in the theory section. Practicum colloquia activities and project work is given to students in this last year of the college. Most of the all-school internship is given to students in this fourth year where students join as a teacher for paid or sometimes for unpaid internships after which they get their a degree in the bachelors of elementary education.

B.El.Ed Job Roles and Recruitment Sector

There is a quite good number of job roles available for bachelors of elementary education graduates. These students can be school teachers in public as well as in private sector schools. They can also become an education consultant, academic coach or coordinator and they are also free to join any organization which works for the education purpose and to spread awareness for the education among the countrymen.

Some of the companies like Coursera great oaks charter schools, KinderCare education and some private schools, organizations based on the locality, and some of the government undertaking schools and organizations also recruit new teachers every year and provide them good salary package per annum. Note that the government jobs are based on your performance on the job examination conduct by the handles of the government.

Average Salary After the B.El.Ed

Salary after the course of bachelors in elementary education depends upon the job role you will get and where you will get -private or in the government sector. If you will get a teaching job in the government sector then your salary may be around 50000 to 60000 per month for being an elementary school teacher.

But if you go to teach in a private school you may only get 30 to 40 thousand max to max per month for being an elementary school teacher. Swift calculate the average salary of bachelors in elementary education graduates we may conclude that it can range from 30000 to 60000 per month depending upon the various factors.

बी एल एड (बैचलर आफ एलेमेंटरी एजुकेशन) हिंदी में 

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FAQ’s on B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education)

What is the Full form of B.El.Ed.

B.El.Ed. full form is Bachelor of Elementary Education.

What is the duration of B.El.Ed.

B.El.Ed. duration is 4 Years.

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