B Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy)

B. Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy)

Introduction of B Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy)

B Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy), This is the course that deals with the study of medicines or drugs. It is a 4 years bachelor’s degree course which is highly popular nowadays among science students. The B Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy) are having a lot of scope in the industrial sector as well as in the business or research sector. To become a pharmacist the candidate must have a degree in bachelors of pharmacy. B Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy) degree holder can work in the industries related to manufacturing and research of medicines and in the discovery of new medicines.

Students who aspired for MBBS choose B. Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy) sometimes over MBBS because of various reasons like the study period is short here in B. Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy), this is also related to public health study like MBBS degree, this course cost lesser than the MBBS degree so those who dreamt ever to become a public health service provider and can’t effort an expensive course like MBBS can choose this course over which is just good to go with a lot of scopes in the future.

In these 4 years, graduation course subjects like pharmacology, pharmaceuticals, pharmacognosy, and chemistry of drugs are taught to students. Students may get internships under pharmaceutical companies after the three years completion of their course in B. Pharma.

B Pharma Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility criteria for this undergraduate bachelors degree course is as follows:

  • The aspirant must have cleared his or her 10+2 exams or higher secondary with PCB or PCM
  • They must have cleared their HS exams with at least 50 percent in PCM or PCB.
  • Students who have already completed their 3 years diploma course in D. Pharma are also eligible to do this course. That means students are free to take lateral entry in this program after the diploma degree from any renowned college under the pharmacy council of India (PCI).
  • Students from any open schooling board like NIOS or IGNOU are not eligible for this course.
  • The minimum age limit for this course is 17 years which means that the aspirant must have to be at least 17 years old to enroll in this course and the maximum age limit is 33 years which illustrates that an aspirant for this course can try to get admission in this course until he reaches an age of 33.

B Pharma Scope 

B. Pharma as Bachelor in Pharmacy degree holder has a lot of scope and opportunities coming their way related to work with International companies and grab a good salary package yearly. Due to day by day increasing health issues and concerns related to health are making opportunities for pharmaceutical industries and for the people who are in the pharmacy line along with B. Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy) degree holders.

B. Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy) degree holders can pursue MBA in pharmaceutical management as their post-graduation to enhance their career and to grab a lot of opportunities to work with the best companies in India and may also get an opportunity to work with international companies as well.

B Pharma Syllabus

B Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy) Syllabus divided into 4 years and 8 Semesters.

In 1st year subjects like inorganic medical chemistry, general and dispensing pharmacy, remedial maths in biology, mathematics along with statistics, and pharmaceuticals are taught to students for the first semester. similarly for the second-semester subjects are organic chemistry, computer application, human anatomy physiology, pharmaceutics, etc.

For 2nd year subjects are pharmaceutics iii & iv, heterocyclic and natural products, biochemistry, microbiology, and pharmacology for 3rd and 4th semester.

3rd year consisting of subjects like pharmaceutics v & vi, pharmacology ii, medical chemistry I, hospital pharmacy and industrial management, and pharmaceuticals marketing as their 5th & 6th semester syllabus.

The last 4th-year syllabus is also comprised of two semesters as the 7th & 8th Semesters. Subjects for these two semesters are medical chemistry ii, pharmaceutical analysis iii, forensic pharmacy, pharmacology iii & iv, and biotechnology.

Above we have discussed all the syllabus by the years and semesters of the study period.

B. Pharma Admission Procedure and Average Fees

To get admission to a B. Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy) college the student must have full the eligibility criteria mentioned above in the eligibility criteria section. There are many entrance exams available to find eligible candidates for this course. Admission in B. Pharma colleges is mainly done based on the 12th mark sheet and the numbers they obtained in their higher secondary 10 + 2 in PCM or PCB. Many top colleges or universities conduct their own entrance examinations to choose

B Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy), Deserving candidates for this course and offering them admission in their college. A candidate qualified in NEET entrance examinations can get direct admission to the college. If we talk about the average fee structure of B. Pharma colleges in India it is in the range of about 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees per annum. The fee structure varies based on some confidential factors like college is government or private, management quota, direct admissions, scholarships availed to students, etc.

B. Pharma Career Options and Job Roles

After the completion of 4 years bachelor of pharmacy course the person can go for higher studies in the field of pharmacy to earn a high salary in future, we all know that it is very important for all of us to enhance our skills because skills one day turns into money so it will be a great idea if the person go for higher studies and complete their post-graduation or the master degree courses in pharmacy or any other courses relevant to this course some of the courses related to pharmacy field are mentioned below

  • Masters in Pharmacy (M. Pharma)
  • MBA in pharmaceutical management
  • Drug store management course
  • B.Sc. pharmaceutical chemistry
  • PGDM in pharmaceuticals

The person can also go for the job or they can start their own self employed business in the field of medicines or drugs.

Job roles mentioned below are offered to B. Pharma degree holders.

  • Hospital pharmacist
  • Clinic pharmacist
  • Drug inspector
  • Quality control and Management officer
  • Research associates
  • Scientist in the field of research and development of medicines
  • Medicine sales and marketing manager
  • Medical representative

Top Recruiting Companies for B Pharma Degree holders

Some of the top recruiting companies that hire B. Pharma graduates are Cipla, Lupin, Sun pharmaceuticals limited, GlaxoSmithKline, Piramal, and Johnson & Johnson.

Salary of a B Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy) holder

The average salary of B. Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy) degree holders is based on the job profiles they are selected for and the skills they know which is needed for the job profile They are selected to work for and the profile of the company they are going to work with but we can conclude the average range of salary of B Pharma degree holders in India which ranges from 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum which is a good amount in comparison to other undergraduate courses. Note that the salary may increase based on the skills and the qualification of the person or may go down with the lack of qualification and skills.

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