BGL (Bachelor of General Law)

BGL (Bachelor of General Law)

Overview of BGL (Bachelor of General Law)

BGL (Bachelor of General Law) is a 2 years undergraduate course designed for students who wish to have a career in the field of law or constitution. In India, enormous reputed colleges and average ranking colleges offer this course to the students which include specializations in the field of various law applicable places and businesses. Students aspiring for bachelor’s of general law can perform specialization in law courses like constitutional laws, administrative laws, business laws, and criminal laws. In this course, a proper study of rules, regulations, laws, and constitution of India are taught to students in brief for a better career of students in this field according to their chosen specialization course.

In simple words, we can say that this course designs students as a lawyer in different specialization streams chosen by the student themselves. This course is also possible from a distance learning in which students who are unable to attend regular classes in their college may also conduct this course to pursue their career in the field of law. Nowadays many colleges Universities and organizations offer this course from the distance learning methods.

Eligibility Criteria for the Course

The eligibility criteria for this course are very obvious and must be fulfilled by the students who wish to pursue their career in law. The student has to clear their 10 + 2 exams with any stream either science, commerce, or arts. The student’s higher secondary examinations must be done from a well-recognized board in the country and the student must have got at least 60% in all the subjects they had in their class 10 + 2.

Scope and Integrated Courses

This course opens the doors of numerous opportunities to the people who pursue this course. A bachelor’s in general law degree holder can start their profession as a legal advisor in intellectual property cases, corrupt technology, and criminal cases. They can provide legal documents and legal advice to their clients and save them in the way they want. Their work is to settle the dispute between the two opposition parties from one of which will their client and they have to focus that the dispute settlement must fall in the favor of their client.

They can also work as an employee for a particular business, a particular person or they can also become a government lawyer which government provides to the people who are unable to hire a lawyer for their case due to lack of money or for another specific reason. If they wish they can also work under the court as a lawyer who works only when a client comes to them and ask for help or in simple words they can start their own office where they can take several such criminal cases, marriage and divorce cases, property cases, technology-related cases and some other kind of justice cases. Note that it is a duty of a faithful lawyer to fight for justice and not for injustice. They should not work only for money overall it is a very responsible career to pursue.

Average Fees Structure of the Course

The average fee structure of this BGL (Bachelor of General Law) course may vary from college to college it also depends on the fact that the student is pursuing this course from a distance learning method or by attending regular classes in the college. It also depends on the ranking and reputation of the college from which there pursuing the course. Hi, however, we may get an average idea that the average fee structure of this course ranges between 22,000 to 2 lacs per annum in India. However, the students may get more return in terms of which they have invested in this course after the completion of this course by holding a bachelor’s in general law degree.

Syllabus and Duration of the Course

The duration of the course is 3 years in which the syllabus is divided into 6 semesters and each of the semesters contains subjects related to laws and articles of the Indian constitution. Some of the examples of the subjects which are taught in this bachelors of general law course are constitutional law, property law, legal Aids, interpretation of statutes, code of criminal procedure, Investment & Securities Law, Law of Taxation, Co-operative Law, Banking Law, legal writing, civil procedure code, environmental law, etc.

Average Salary in India After the Course

The average salary of an Indian lawyer may range from 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs after holding this bachelor’s degree course they may increase their value in the market by pursuing a master’s in general law to increase their knowledge as well as their degree. Note that the salary after the course depends upon the skills and knowledge of the particular person who has achieved the degree and knowledge from their respective college or university India regarding the subject. The salary also depends on the specialization they have chosen in the field of law.

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