Fathers Day Essay

Fathers Day Essay


On Father’s Day, A father is the one who puts his all efforts to support their children. A father is the backbone of his family and children. Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world to honour real-life heroes called fathers. A father takes care of all our needs and happiness along with thinking about our future. He never takes us for granted and works for us throughout our life just to fulfil our needs and make our future better. A father introduces us to the difference between good and bad. Father guides their children through the ups and downs of life and prevents children or children from choosing the wrong path for anything in life. Father’s day celebrates the spirit of fatherhood among fathers from throughout the world.

Some special qualities of my father

There is no doubt that my father is one of the best fathers in this world. If fairies come and grant me a wish I would like to have it as “dear fairies I want my father to live long and I want him as my father in every life”. He helps me to maintain discipline in life. Despite his busy schedule of work in the office, he makes time for us and plays with me. He helps me with my homework every day. He listens carefully to all my problems and queries which I face every day like a good listener and always goes for the solution. He always saves me when my mom comes to scold me. having a great sense of humor he always makes me and my mom laugh by cracking humorous jokes. My father always used to narrate bedtime stories for me till I fall asleep. My father sacrifices too much for me and I really appreciate and I love him for all he does for me on a daily basis. Every Sunday he takes me to some interesting places and plays with me.

He looks after my studies and my exams. Whenever I face any problem with someone he sits with me and talks about it and at last, he solves my problems completely. No matter if I lose or win in a competition he always sees me as a champ and always appreciates me which encourages me to move forward with lots of strength and willpower. My father is not just a father to me he is my superhero for decorating and enhancing my entire life. My father is the most handsome gentleman in this world I believe. He has the purest heart he had always taught me to help the needy and poor. My father had always valued relations more than anything in his entire life which is having great significance for me. I wish every child must have a father like I am having. This is my luck that I have him in my life which had made my life eternally beautiful. I know I can never thank him for whatever he had done for me but I would like to appreciate everything he does every day for our family and me.


Kids remain excited throughout the year and wait for the day when they can appreciate their favourite person for his hard work. On this day kids totally try to relax their father and want to make his father feel special throughout the day. This is supported by so many efforts which are made by children for their fathers on this day. On this day children make and decorate fathers Day cards for their loving and hard-working fathers. Some children write lovely messages for their dear fathers. The efforts of fathers on Father’s Day are also appreciated by the children by giving some handmade or purchased special gifts to the wonderful fathers. Some children organize and arrange food and small appreciation party for their fathers on the special occasion of fathers Day.

In India Father’s Day is a particularly new idea on a different hand it is celebrated in similar strategies as in the United Kingdom or the United States, even though on a smaller scale. There is an extended pastime of Father’s Day events in metropolitan cities and greater cities due to the higher publicity of humans to the Western cultures in these areas. In Mexico on Father’s Day people stay so excited the cause in the back of it is there in the region the place many households get together, put together some factors, and distribute objects to fathers or father figures. In South Africa, many social and cultural societies host Father’s Day celebrations to stress the crucial position of fathers in nurturing kids and organizing the most dependable society. The date of celebration of Father’s Day is different in different countries according to their beliefs and ideal persons in the country. On this day every child does everything to make their father happy and feel special.


Father’s Day is an opportunity for all of us to appreciate The gents of our society called fathers. Our fathers are the ones who are always going to take our side. No matter how we are doing in life he would always stand there for us. A father is a form of God whom we should appreciate each other every day not only one day. The sacrifices made by a father cannot be replaced by anyone’s sacrifice. A father’s heart always remains filled with love for his children and family. We should celebrate Father’s Day with full love and enjoy it with our lovely fathers. We should thank god every day for giving us a such great personal life. No matter how big the danger is a father is always there to protect us.

The love inside a father’s heart is like a coconut shell he may not show it as our mothers do but deep inside his heart, the love for his children is like the fruit of a coconut. Every father sets an example for their children as good people and good human beings. We should pray to God to give our fathers a long life every day and to fulfil all the wishes of our fathers we should make great efforts on our side. We should never disobey our fathers. Every father is special on this earth and does special and does special things for his children. We should always listen to him and understand his feelings for us.

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