MHA (Master of Health Administration)


MHA (Master of Health Administration)

The Master of Health Administration (MHA) is a two-year professional master’s degree awarded to students who have completed a health administration course of study that encompasses hospital and other health organization management, public health consulting, and infrastructure. Admission requires a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, including sciences, humanities, and commerce. The MHA program is usually offered full-time.

MHA admissions are usually awarded according to a merit list. Some colleges, on the other hand, consider admissions based on the results of the entrance tests. Hospital Atmosphere and Healthcare, HRM, IT for Hospitals, Administration of Health System, Economic Administration, and other topics are covered in the Master of Healthcare Administration Syllabus.

Why study Master of Health Administration?

The Master of Health Administration (MHA) program prepares applicants for management positions. The degree’s USP is that it allows candidates to specialize in health administration, increasing their chances of landing a job. The benefits of the MHA course are given below, in addition to a competitive salary.

  • Improve Management Abilities: The Master of Health Administration curriculum is meant to help applicants build leadership skills, improve operational efficiencies, and manage human resources, among other things. The programs prepare students to work under pressure in real-world scenarios.
  • Creating Networks: The course gives students the opportunity to network with their peers, teachers, and other working professionals in their areas. It may assist students in obtaining future employment and improving their knowledge of the healthcare business.
  • Challenging Salary: Applicants to the MNA profession can expect to earn a good salary. After completing this course, a fresher can expect to earn between INR 30,000 and INR 50,000.
  • After completing the course, applicants might start their own firm or work as advisors for other companies.

What is the procedure for applying?

Those interested in pursuing a Master of Hospital Administration [MHA] degree can apply for the program either online or offline. Applicants can apply for the course online at the institution or on the college website by downloading an admission form.

Applicants will be called to register for a written examination, individual interviews, group discussion, and counseling after completing the college or university application form.

Master of Health Administration Eligibility Criteria

The following are the requirements for obtaining a Master of Health Administration degree:

  • Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in any field from a registered Indian university, such as Science, Commerce, Arts, Law, etc. 
  • NRI/Foreign applicants can apply under the Foreign or NRI category, whereas candidates with Indian citizenship can apply under the general category.
  • Applicants must have successfully completed three years of graduate study in any area, or four years of graduate study in paramedical sciences, medicine, or other four-year programs such as veterinary fields of science, pharmacology, agricultural, legal, or engineering.
  • Before enrolling for the Master of Health Administration (MHA) program, applicants must have completed their internships.

Master of Health Administration Admission Process

In India, the admissions process for the Master of Health Administration [MHA] study can be completed either on-site at the campus or online. The application process for the program is based entirely on the scores gained in graduate degree courses corresponding to B.A. or any related courses, as well as the scores obtained in the entrance tests and the marks obtained in 10+2.

As a result, applicants must meet the Master of Health Administration [MHA] qualifying requirements, which include a mix of grades earned in their graduate degree program and entrance tests.

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