Overview of the Course

The full form of BBA LLB is a Bachelors’s of business administration and a bachelor’s of legislative law. Two courses are combined as an integrated course which together gives a dual degree. The duration of this course is 5 years and this course is highly preferable for the students who want to make their career in law and business of their own choice. 8 years is the maximum duration for BBA LLB students to complete this course. Several subjects related to business administration and legislative laws are taught to students as a part of their course.

A variety of subjects related to the commerce stream are taught to students as a part of their constitutional education. Subjects like principles of management, accounting, family law, constitutional law, property law, criminal law, administrative law, etc., are also taught to students. Several skill sets are thoroughly required when a student chooses the course. At the very first the student must have to be open to go through the reading materials. They should be habituated to work long hours. They should be good at making decisions of their own. Their clarity of speech and convincing power to a person or a group of people should also be of good quality.

They should be fluent in talking along with confidence and integrity. This course is highly preferable for hardworking students. There are some fields of specializations are also present here like business law, company law, corporate law, and criminal law. In this field, students are taught to do research and case studies as a part of their education. The five years BBA LLB course is a regular full-time course. This course in distance learning is not authorized by the government till now. That means this course is not available in distance learning mode. This course is available in two different forms one is BBA LLB and another one is BBA LLB (Hons). 

Benefits from the Course

One of the main benefits from this course is the students will have a lot of open opportunities in several fields related to law legislative and judiciary, the legal profession, business sector, business management, administrative management, planning, banking, etc. Skill sets which they get from this course are highly appreciable and valuable in today’s business as well as law industry. In the almost duration of five years they finally acquire strong clarity of speech along with fluent communication skills. Unlike other courses in this course a student is not required to pursue his or her graduation first they can directly enroll for this course just right after their 10 + 2.

This course benefits a student by giving a dual degree in both BBA and LLB courses, unlike other individual courses. They get knowledge of two fields at the same time so there is also an opportunity increment chance in their career. Meanwhile, they can become an entrepreneur as well as a lawyer and judicial advisor. This course is a fusion of two courses so this course also increases wide choices of career. More knowledge about BBA and LLB-related subjects is acquired by students because the duration is 5 years here unlike the other three years of graduate courses in BBA or LLB.

Eligibility Criteria for the Course

The eligibility criteria to pursue this course are very easy. The aspirants or the student must have passed their 10 + 2 board examinations with a well-recognized board in India by securing at least 45% marks in all the subjects. The students can pursue their 10 + 2 with any stream of their choice but the most preferable streams are commerce and arts if they wish to become a lawyer or a business administrator employee.

Every year the cutoff for general students is from 45 % to 50% over their subject but categories like SC/ST are also eligible if they secure 5% fewer marks than the cut-off. No age restriction is given in this course so candidates from any age number are welcome to pursue this course and to fulfill their dreams. All the mentioned above eligibility criteria are compulsory for every BBA LLB aspirant but some colleges may have some additional eligibility criteria to choose the best candidate to study in their college.

Entrance Exam for BBA LLB Course

To get admission to this course a student must have to clear an entrance examination. Some of the entrance examinations for this course are CLAT, LSAT, ULSAT, MH CET. Among all these entrance examinations CLAT is the main one which is conducted by over 21 National law Universities in India and given main importance by all the other colleges. 

Admission Procedure for the Course

The admission procedure for this course is very easy after clearing the above-mentioned entrance exam, selections will be done based on the merit list. Then a list of colleges will be allocated to the suitable candidate based on merit list rank or marks. Then students have to visit the college and have to ask for the admission form. After that, they have to fill it and have to submit the college admission form with all the required documents from the college or university. After that students have to submit the respective admission fees or semester fees whatever demanded by the college. Once completed all the procedures admission is done.

Average Fee Structure of the Course

If you got admission to a public or government college your average fees structure will range between 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs annually some were. In the case of a private college, your average fees structure will be 5 lakhs to 12 lakhs annually.

Job Roles and Scope in this Field

BBA LLB graduates can work as finance managers, human resource managers, advocates or lawyers, assistant advisors, human resource managers, attorney general, deputy legal advisors, management accountants, business consultants. They can also work in the judiciary or legal sector or they can start their own business. 

Average Salary of a BBA LLB Graduate

The average salary of a BBA LLB graduate in India ranges from 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs annually. 

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